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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Welker in the Patriots Locker Room

Wes Welker was having the most enjoyable season of his professional career.  His surgically repaired knee was holding up.  The Patriots were winning.  He was putting up good numbers.  And there was a lot of hot ass walking around the locker room these days.

Welker stood only 5'9", which made him one of the dozen or so shortest players in the league.  Sure Maurice Jones-Drew and Darren Sproles were shorter, but they were among the shortest players---certainly the shortest well-known, Pro Bowl-caliber players---in the league.  Being that short and gay in a locker room was a huge pain in the ass. 

First, your eye level is nipple level for the rest of the team.  Most of the guys are 6'2" or taller, and you have to walk around the locker room looking up at everyone.  God help you if you hurt your neck.

Second, your eyes are so much closer to everyone's junk and ass.  This part sucked at every level of Welker's sporting life.  It was always so easy to look down at what everyone was sporting.  You were already most of the way there.  Avoiding uncontrolled staring and hard ons was fucking difficult.

Third, whenever he did have a teammate who turned out to be gay, they always assumed Welker wanted to bottom.  This pissed him off the most.  Sure, Welker liked to ride a big stud's cock as much as the next guy, but that didn't mean he was only up for getting fucked.  Welker loved seeing a big stud on all fours, moaning like a bitch while Welker's fat dick plowed into him over and over again.  Welker was a professional athlete, for chrissakes.  He was a fierce competitor, he could handle pain, and he worked his body to its limit.  What kind of asshole would think he wouldn't want to blow off steam by fucking the brains out of a guy every now and then?  A tall asshole.  That's who.

Anyway, Welker was happy this year.  In addition to the usual buffet of studs in the locker room, the Pats were featuring two players who were right up Welker's alley: Welker's so-called Mini Me, Julian Edelman; and Danny Woodhead.  Edelman was 5'10" and built almost exactly like Welker, right down to their muscular round asses and thick, tight thighs.  Woodhead was shorter than either Welker or Edelman at only 5'8", but he had thicker legs and, at least to Welker's eye, an even more spectacularly muscled ass.  Welker lost count of the number of times he shot ropes of thick cum all over his rock hard stomach and fuzzy chest after jerking off thinking about the two studs.

At least with Edelman, it wasn't all jerking off, though.  After Edelman was dubbed Welker's Mini Me by their teammates, they became fast friends.  With Edelman's continued success on the team, the Mini Me name stuck to the point where Welker started calling him the same.  Edelman was fine with the nickname, but made sure Welker knew it was just a nickname. 

Welker had spent the entire '09 preseason and part of the regular season lusting after the stud rookie from Kent State.  Edelman walked around the locker room with a confidence well beyond his rookie stature.  Welker---and the rest of the team---figured out why pretty quickly: Edelman was hung like a fucking bear.  He had two, huge egg-sized nuts, and a thick cock that rested on top.  His package looked almost as big as Tom Brady's famous monster, but it was all the more remarkable on his 5'10" frame.  With this thick legs, his nuts were always raised and out front, so he looked like he stuffed two pairs of socks into his uniform whenever he suited up.  Welker lusted after him, and longed to find out how much bigger his cock got when hard. After a game mid-season, Welker called Edelman Mini Me.  After practice the next day, Edelman fucked him senseless with his fat 9" cock.  As Welker blissfully enjoyed the post-fuck afterglow, Edelman reminded him that Mini Me referred only to the fact that he was younger than Welker.  Welker had Edelman remind him of it not infrequently.

Welker was always up for fucking around with Edelman--actually, he wished Edelman was up for it more often---but what he really wanted was to get an in with Woodhead.  Welker's fantasy was to play Lucky Pierre, while Edelman fucked him and he fucked Woodhead's hard, round ass.  The problem was that Woodhead wasn't sending any vibes that he was open to it. 

Woodhead arrived in New England right before Week 2, after being waived by the Jets.  Since that time, he had become the Pats' featured back.  Everyone liked him, and put a lot of effort into learning the offense and knowing all of his routes.  Woodhead was struggling most with his passing routes, so he would usually run extra routes with backup QB Brian Hoyer after every practice.  And many games.  Most of the team respected the hell out of him for putting in the extra work.  Woodhead and rookie tight end Aaron Hernandez were both putting in a lot of extra route work after practice, and both were reaping noticeable dividends.  It was pissing Welker off.  He was grateful for their better play.  But he was fucking pissed that he couldn't get Woodhead cornered in the shower or the locker room to figure out what was going on. 

After the Patriots' big Thanksgiving day win over Detroit, Welker and Edelman celebrated by fucking in Welker's hotel room.  As they caught their breath while Edelman's second big load was leaking out of Welker's hole, Welker told Edelman what he wanted to do with Woodhead.  Edelman's gooey cock visibly flinched at the idea, and he told Welker to make it happen.  He, too, had been jerking off for months at the thought of sinking his big monster into Woodhead's ass.  He suggested trying to get him alone after practice during the next week.  With the long lag between Thanksgiving and a Monday night game at home, the team would have a looser practice schedule than usual.  Surely something could happen.

All through Monday's practice, Welker was distracted by the plans he was concocting.  It showed.  And his teammates and coaches all gave him a hard time.  He was frustrated and furious.  When practice broke, Welker tried to blow off some steam by running wind sprints for 15 minutes.  He headed into the locker room as soon as he saw Hoyer, Hernandez, and Woodhead come out onto the practice field for their extra snaps. He didn't want to deal with that shit today. 

Welker showered quickly, changed into jeans and a sweatshirt, and headed home.  He needed to clear his mind and keep his focus on the season.  Sure, he wanted hot sex, but he wanted to beat the Jets even more.  A win meant the upper hand on the AFC East crown and possible home field advantage, which was much more important than a load dropped in Danny Woodhead's ass. He needed to focus.

He also needed his housekeys.  Dumbass had left them in his locker.  Welker was almost home by the time he realized it, so he was extra pissed when he had to turn back.  The parking lot was nearly empty when he pulled in, and the whole facility looked almost shut down.  Welker parked, put up his hood to guard against the cool breeze, and walked into the facility.  As he approached the door, he saw Hoyer leaving.  They exchanged pleasantries, and said they would see each other tomorrow at practice. 

Welker walked down the empty halls into the locker room.  It was empty.  He grabbed his keys from his locker, and went to take a piss.  As he walked into the bathroom, he heard a loud noise coming from the showers.  He thought nothing of it, and stepped up the urinal.  He heard the noise again as he pissed, but he didn't think much of it.  As he washed his hands, he heard someone yell "fuck" in the showers.  He walked out of the bathroom, and headed toward the steam-filled shower room.  He put his head just around the steam-slicked tile wall, and looked into the room.

Hernandez was lying on his back on the floor of the shower as water from every shower head flowed toward the middle of the big open room.  Hernandez's massive 6'1", 245, well-muscled body was completely naked.  His tatooed arms were both extended down to his crotch.  His left thumb was pressed against the base of his thick 7" hard on, and his right thumb and forefinger were pulling a thick foreskin back from around his swollen, bright pink head.  Over him, Danny Woodhead's massively muscled legs straddled Hernandez's torso.  His strong arms were stretched behind him, showing off the muscles in his back, as his hands pulled apart that big muscle ass Welker has been lusting for all season.  Welker watched with his jaw open, as Woodhead lowered himself onto the massive cock in one slow slide, and then started bouncing up and down the whole length, his ass cushioning the bottom of each bounce.  Hernandez was thrusting his hips up into Woodhead with each downstroke, and his nuts bounced heavily between his own massive legs. 

Welker's own 8" cock sprang to life is his jeans, as he realized that he could make his fantasy come true.  Now that he knew Woodhead was at least bi, he was going to make it happen.

As he drove home, Welker called Edelman.  Welker had the whole thing planned out for after practice tomorrow.  After he and Edelman finalized their plans, Welker called the accomplice he needed. 

When Welker went on IR after fucking up his knee last year, he spent a lot of time with the team's training and medical staff.  He thought it was too much time, but that changed when he met the newest addition to the team.  The Pats had hired a recent med school grad who was also a massage therapist.  He was also, Welker had noticed, smoking hot.  He was 5'9", latino, slim and toned.  Welker's training regimen required him to get regular massages that focused on the muscles in his left leg, which was the leg with the surgically repaired knee.  Welker wouldn't be able to exercise his quads, calf, or glute until after the knee healed.  Massage therapy could help stave off some atrophy.  During the first few sessions, Welker would get hard from being manhandled by this hot young man.  The new trainer discreetly ignored it until after the fourth session, Welker got hard, looked him right in the eye, and told him to finish what he started.  The trainer greedily dove onto Welker's cock and sucked him like a pro.  After that, almost every session ended with Welker fucking the trainer's brains out on the massage table.  Welker remained convinced---and, incidentally, the trainer agreed---that the regular fucking helped as much as the massage to keep his leg in shape.

Welker talked to the trainer for a few minutes before hanging up.  Everything was ready.

Practice the next day went smoothly.  Welker was focused, and his teammates and coaches praised him for getting his head back in the game.  The receivers coach was particularly pleased when Welker apologized for his lack of focus the day before, and promised to take extra snaps with Hernandez and Woodhead after practice.  The coach rolled his eyes and called Edelman Mini Me when he chimed in and said that he, too, was going to take some extra snaps after practice.  When Welker laughed at this, Edelman just grabbed his crotch and gave Welker a pointed look.

As practice wore down, Welker and Edelman told Hoyer, Hernandez, and Woodhead they were going to join them for their post-practice routine.  Hernandez and Woodhead exchanged a meaningful glance and halfheartedly said that was fine.  Just before Belichick ended practice, Welker's trainer came onto the field and said something to the coach.  Belichick called Hernandez over, and the three chatted for a few minutes.  Belichick dismissed practice, and as Edelman, Woodhead, Welker, and Hoyer were walking into the locker room talking about their extra practice, Hernandez came over to say he had to bail.  The trainer told him something unusual came up on his last MRI, and they're worried there might be a lingering problem from his September knee injury.  He has to go down to the doctors' office for an additional MRI. 

Edelman snuck Welker a look that clearly said he was impressed. Welker just kept walking like nothing had happened.

The four practiced by themselves for nearly an hour.  At the end of an hour, Hoyer said he had to leave.  He told the group that he thought it would be the usual forty-five minutes, and he needed to go meet his wife.  The four headed into the locker room together.  Hoyer, Edelman, and Welker went into the showers, and Woodhead went into the weight room to do a few light reps as a cool down.

Welker and Edelman both had to work to conceal their swollen cocks as they showered.  Hoyer wasn't looking, but neither of the other men wanted to make him uncomfortable.  Hoyer quickly finished his shower, and went to change.  Welker and Edelman played with each other a little, taking turns soaping one another up, Edelman lingering on Welker's furry ass crack and Welker on Edelman's more-than-a-handful nuts and big hard cock.  Welker finished showering first, and went to take a piss.  He was standing at the urinal when he saw Woodhead, a towel wrapped around him, head into the showers.  Welker went into the main locker room and sat down to change as he noticed that Hoyer has left.

Woodhead stepped under a shower head and started cleaning himself off.  Edelman stood across the shower room, his nine inches still standing heavily out from his body, hard as a rock.  Edelman watched Woodhead shampoo his hair and start soaping up.  Woodhead's back was to Edelman as he started soaping up his round ass cheeks.  Edelman leaned against the tile wall, and started lazily stroking himself while Woodhead's hand slipped into the deep crack between his strong ass cheeks.  Edelman reached his other hand up to pinch a nipple while he watched the show. Woodhead stepped back under the shower head, and turned around to rinse himself.  He saw Edelman's pose, and he froze.  Edelman whipped himself around to his showerhead, and hastily pretended to just be taking a shower.  Woodhead stood, staring at Edelman's nearly perfect backside, and his cock swelled at the memory of the huge prick he saw Edelman jerking.  He kept staring as he got fully hard, and Edelman snuck a peek over his shoulder.  When he saw that Woodhead was still staring at him, he whipped his head back towards the wall.  Quickly finished rinsing, and turned off the water.  Edelman was gone as quickly as he could be. Woodhead smiled to himself, and finished taking his shower.

Edelman's cock had drooped at the tension of the moment, so when he entered the locker room he was only half hard.  He sat down on the chair in front of his locker, and started to finish toweling off his hair.  Welker, sitting on a bench right across from Edelman's' locker has dried off and wearing a sexy little pair of white briefs.  He smiled at Edelman and licked his lips as he moved across.

While Woodhead was finishing his shower, Welker was going to have some fun with his Mini Me.  Edelman had taken off his towel to dry his upper body and hair.  His perfectly muscled, fuzzy thighs were spread, and Welker's mouth was watering at the sight of Edelman's big nuts resting on the chair near its edge, and his still-engorged soft cock hanging heavily over them off the edge.  Welker got on his knees in between Edelman's thighs and started licking the fuzz inside his thick thighs.  Welker reached up with his right hand and tried to grab Edelman's big nuts.  His fingers had to struggle to get behind the loose skin of his big sack, but he finally got his thumb and index finger wrapped around Edelman's sack, with the two massive nuts weighing heavily in the cradle of the rest of his hand.  Grabbing Edelman's nuts lifted his hardening cock off of its resting place, and flopped its length over onto Edelman's right thigh.  As Welker's tongue neared the big cock, he opened wide, and moved to take the fat head into his mouth.  Edelman was now almost fully hard, and Welker's head was eight inches away from Edelman's crotch, as he took the big mushroom head into his mouth and kept massaging Edelman's big nuts.

Welker's own cock was hard as a rock in his briefs, and Welker used his left hand to adjust it to a more comfortable position.  His own cock now stretched over to the side under his briefs, Welker relaxed his throat and slowly lowered his head onto his Mini Me's huge cock.  In one long, slow stroke, Welker throated all nine inches.  Edelman's nuts tried to pull up towards his body as Welker swallowed his massive meat, but Welker's right hand remained in place, gently but firmly pulling down on his big nuts. With his nose buried in Edelman's trimmed bush, Welker slowly backed off for a breath, and then started rhythmically bobbing his head back and forth on Edelman's hog.  Edelman was moaning in pleasure, but he was getting close to cumming way too soon.  He put his hands on Welker's shoulders and eased him off his cock.  He hooked his hands in Welker's fuzzy pits, pulled him to his feet, and dove his tongue toward Welker's muscled stomach.

As Edelman's tongue worked its way over Welker's abs, he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of Welker's briefs.  He pulled them down, and felt Welker's hard eight inch cock slap against his throat.  Welker moaned and flexed his cock as he felt Edelman's stubble on his now exposed cock.  Edelman backed away and wrapped his hand around the base of Welker's thick dick.  He squeezed the base, and pulled his hand slowly towards the head.  As his hand got closer, a bead of precum appeared at the tip of Welker's dick, and Edelman licked it off, savoring the sweet taste of his stud teammate.  He let go, and reached up to put his right thumb into Welker's mouth.  Welker smiled as the thick digit entered his mouth.  Edelman slowly jerked Welker's big cock with his left hand as Welker eagerly blew his thick thumb.  When it was good and slick, Edelman pulled it out with an audible pop, and dove onto Welker's cock.  As Edelman deepthroated his stud teammate, he reached around with his right hand.  He placed his right fingers on Welker's firm ass, and slid his slippery thumb in between the cheeks.  He quickly found Welker's warm hole, and rubbed his slick thumb back and forth across it.  Edelman felt Welker's cock throb appreciatively in his throat from the pleasure this was giving Welker.  Edelman took his left hand and started playing with his own rock hard monster while he thumbed Welker's hole and energetically bobbed up and down on Welker's raging hard on.

Woodhead walked into the lockerroom.

"Holy shit," he said out loud.  Quietly.  Mostly to himself.  He was wearing only a towel, and he was transfixed at the sight before him.  He had lusted after both of these studs, but he had been happy with Hernandez boning him on a daily basis.  He had a weakness for the mass of linebackers and tight ends.  But his true lust objects were muscular guys his own size.  Seeing these two go at it was awesome.

"Join in," Welker said with a smile on his lips, as he visibly rocked his hips to feed more of his cock to Edelmen and to back his hole against Edelman's thumb.  "We know you want to."

Woodhead dropped his towel, and slowly walked over to the two studs.  His gaze was transfixed on Welker's cock sliding in and out of Edelman's hot mouth, and he took his place standing next to Welker as his own 6.5" cock started to harden.  Welker put his arm around Woodhead, and pulled him up against him as he leaned in to kiss the stud running back.  Edelman had to pull his hand back in front of Welker as Woodhead's body press into Welker's.  He took the chance to lean back and take stock of the scene in front of him.  Woodhead and Welker were standing in front of him making out, fourteen inches of hard NFL stud cock were pointing right at him, and his own nine inches were hard in his hand, oozing a steady stream of precum down the length of his shaft.   Woodhead loved the scratch of Welker's stubble on his face, as the wideout's tongue forced its way into his mouth.  When he felt Edelman's mouth wrap around his swollen cock, he nearly lost it.  He moaned into Welker's mouth at the pleasure of Edelman's blowjob.  The moan vibrated Welker's tongue, which seemed to have a direct line to Welker's cock which involuntarily pulsed. Welker pulled away from the kiss, and looked down at Edelman sucking Woodhead.

Welker backed away, and dropped to his knees behind Woodhead.  Woodhead was standing with his big legs spread, and Edelman was on his knees in front of him, working on Woodhead's cock.  Welker moved to all fours, and reached out for Edelman's leaky dick.  Edelman shifted into a seated position, with his legs in front of him, between Woodhead's feet.  Woodhead spread his legs a little, and crouched, so his dick was at Edelman's mouth level.  This shift let Welker get Edelman's big cock into his mouth.  He licked at the tip, pulling a strand of precum away with his tongue.  Drunk on the sweet taste, he licked down the underside of Edelman's big shaft all the way to his huge nuts and sopped up the precum Edelman had been oozing the whole time. 

"Rim me, man," Edelman said as he pulled his Woodhead's cock out of his mouth for a moment.  Welker was more than happy to oblige.

"Please let me," said Woodhead, with an eagerness in his voice.  Edelman didn't give a shit.  He just wanted his ass eaten. He got up onto the bench, on all fours, and Woodhead took his place behind him.  Welker sat on the floor next to the two, and watched the show.  Woodhead eagerly spread apart Edelman's cheeks and stuck out his surprisingly long tongue.  He dove right into the crack, and started by licking the entire length of Edelman's crack in long strokes.  Edelman moaned encouragement, and Welker reached up to jerk off Edelman's big cock.  Welker wrapped his hand around the base of Edelman's cock, and his loose sack draped itself over the top of his fist.  As Welker pumped up and down with long strokes, Edelman's nuts weighed heavily against his fist, and his sack draped loosely over top.  Woodhead took the opportunity on Welker's upstrokes, to bathe Edelman's big nuts with his spit.  Welker played with his own hard cock while he watched Woodhead dive deeper and deeper into Edelman's hot hole.  Occasionally, Welker's dick would ooze a drop of precum, and he would pinch it up and feed it to himself.  Edelman kept moaning from the tongue bathing he was getting, and his cock was leaking a small pool of precum onto the bench below.

"My turn," said Welker, as he got up from his front row seat.

"Have at it, bro," said Woodhead as he pulled his spit glistened face out from Edelman's crack. 

"That's not what I mean," replied Welker with a smile.  "You've got yours, and I'm going to get mine."  He pushed Woodhead's smiling face back into Edelman's crack, and walked to a position behind Woodhead.  Welker was hard as a rock at the prospect of finally getting the ass he had been coveting for months.  Woodhead's massive legs were spread, and his big, round glutes were slightly dimpled from being spread.  Welker put a hand on each cheek and was impressed by how firm and substantial they felt in his hand.  His cock pulsed as he worked his hands slowly closer together towards the smooth crack of Woodhead's warm ass.  Welker's fingers dipped into the crack, and he was surprised by how deeply they went before bottoming out.  He spread the soft flesh apart, needing more strength than he expected, and dove his face down into his teammate's ass.  His nose took in the smell of soap and sweat, and his tongue ran over the slightly rough skin of his crack before it his the hot, smooth pucker of his hole.  Welker could hear Woodhead moan, as the receiver ran his tongue back and forth over Woodhead's ass.  Welker let go of the spread asscheeks, and jerked himself while he enjoyed the hot pressure of Woodhead's ass pressed in on his cheeks.  He dove into the ass, and pressed his tongue as hard as he could against Woodhead's hole, and felt it start to give.  Once inside, Welker extended his tongue as far as he could and started gently but insistently tongue fucking the young running back's experienced hole.  Woodhead was in heaven, and pulled away from Edelman's ass to moan loudly and relax his hole against the invading tongue.

Edelman took the chance to get up.  He was turned on enough that he knew what he wanted.  He moved to a position behind Welker.  Welker's fuzzy ass was up in the air, as he was working over Woodhead's accommodating hole.  Edelman stroked himself and stuck a finger in his mouth.  Once wet, he pressed his finger up against Welker's tight hole.  Welker willingly relaxed, and let Edelman start loosening him up.

Drunk with pleasure from rimming the hell out of Woodhead, Welker was more than ready for Edelman to start getting him ready.  With one of Edelman's fingers in his ass, Welker took a break from tongue fucking Woodhead, and ran his wet tongue down Woodhead's taint and took his nuts in his mouth one at a time.  Once they were wet, he pulled Woodhead's rock hard cock down towards his face, and took it into his mouth.  He took Woodhead's slippery cock in his hand and returned to licking his hole.  He jerked Woodhead's spit-slicked cock rhythmically while he started tongue fucking him again in the same time.  Woodhead threw his head back in ecstasy, and Edelman took the chance to wet a second finger for Welker's ass.  Welker's big tongue kept going deeper and deeper into Woodhead's hole as Edelman slipped in a third and then fourth finger into Welker's well-used hole. 

"Oh yeah, fuck me with that big donkey dick," moaned Welker after he felt Edelman's fourth finger work its way inside him.  Edelman willingly obliged, and Welker gasped as he felt the blunt invader first pop inside his hole.  Woodhead helped get his mind off of the exquisite pain of the onslaught by bucking his beautiful ass back against Welker's tongue.  The rhythm from Woodhead's bucking was perfect to let Welker ease himself back onto Edelman's giant prick.  Edelman kept consistent pressure on Welker's hole, and he played with his nipples while he waited to bottom out inside the older stud's hot hole.  Welker's cock remained rock hard and stuck up against his heaving stomach, a sticky patch of damp precum mixing in with the sparse hairs of his stomach.  Welker kept up his tongue's attack on Woodhead's hole, and occasionally let his hand slide off the end of Woodhead's cock, causing the young running back's dick to slap loudly up against his stomach. 

When Edelman finally bottomed out in Welker's warm chute and his massive nuts were hanging against Welker's own, he started fucking Welker hard and deep, just the way he liked it.  Welker started moaning involuntarily from the pleasure of this massive cock wedged against his prostate.  Edelman was so big that even after all the times they had fucked, it was all Welker could do to take it. He couldn't relax or flex his sphincter until well after Edelman started fucking.  Welker's moans against Woodhead's asshole drove the latter insane.  And Welker's tongue felt like it was three or four inches deep with the force of Edelman's fucking driving it deeper with each thrust.

"Holy shit, you've got to fuck me now," panted Woodhead in pleasure.  His cock was almost purple he was so turned on.  He knew that he couldn't take any more, and he wasn't leaving this room today without getting fucked by at least one of these incredibly hot studs.  Edelman took his cue and let up the onslaught against Welker's hole.  He slowly pulled out, so the three could get in position.

Woodhead stood up, and bent over the bench, using his arms for support.  Welker smeared all the precum his cock had been leaking up and down his eight inch shaft.  He stepped into position, and ran his red cockhead up and down Woodhead's crack, amazed at how slick his was after the rough tongue fucking he had just given him.  After the second trip down Woodhead's crack, Welker's cockhead caught on Woodhead's hole on the way up.  Woodhead eagerly took the cue, and relaxed and pushed back onto the cock simultaneously.  Like the pro bottom he was, Woodhead impaled himself back onto Welker's hard cock in one long stroke.  Welker thought he was going to cum right there.  Woodhead's ass was tight but not uncomfortable, and he could feel Woodhead doing something---he had no idea what---with his internal muscles that felt to Welker like being milked.

Edelman saw Welker bottom out, and took his own cue.  He put a hand on Welker's upper back, and pushed him over onto Woodhead.  Welker's ass pivoted up, and Edelman positioned his engorged monster at Welker's hole.  He crouched his legs down to get the right angle, and slid his dick home.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee," slowly moaned Welker as he felt wave after wave of pleasure wash over him as Edelman filled him up.  Welker had never felt anything like this before.  He was in complete heaven.  His cock was eight inches deep in the ass he had wanted all season, and his favorite top cock was deep inside him. 

"Happy, Pierre?" asked Edelman, as he wrapped his hands around Welker's chest.  He grabbed Welker's head with one hand, and turned his face around as far as he could.  He and Welker kissed as Welker tentatively tried to thrust his cock into Woodhead.  The sensation was amazing.  Woodhead's magic ass was milking him and made him feel like he was going to cum at any second, but any movement was matched by the peculiar pleasure of having Edelman's giant cock buried inside him.  Adding to the sensations, Welker's big legs were shaking from the exertion of keeping his knees slightly bent to be inside Woodhead.  With his knees slightly bent, he started getting into a rhythm of slow, rhythmic strokes.

"Fuck this," said Edelman impatiently.  He put his hands on Welker's trim waist, wrapping them around his abs to get a grip, and he started giving Welker the hardest, deepest strokes that he could from that angle.  Welker was delirious with pleasure and moaning loudly as Edelman's big nuts slapped against his ass, and his own cock plunged deeper and deeper into Woodhead's hole.  Welker was entranced by the sight of Woodhead's massive glutes compressing and shaking as Welker was fucked into him. Woodhead was trying desperately to keep his arms under him from this onslaught, when Edelman's legs started violently shaking.  Edelman thrust a few more times and stood up as he thrust a few more times, almost lifting Welker up off the ground and pushing all of his weight onto Woodhead.  Welker knew Edelman was about to cum and felt his cock getting even bigger in his ass.  Edelman's cock exploded with spurt after spurt of thick cum deep inside him.  Welker was almost ready to cum, but Woodhead said that he needed to change positions.  His arms were about to give out.

Edelman pulled out of Welker with a pop, and Woodhead rolled over onto his back with Welker still buried inside him. 

"Come on, stud," said Woodhead, staring Welker in the eye.  Welker obliged, and started pounding away as fast as he could at Woodhead.  Woodhead moaned loudly with each thrust.  Welker was transfixed as he watched Woodhead's abs contract in patterns he had never seen before, patterns which corresponded with whatever it was that Woodhead could do with his ass.  Welker made a mental note to ask him about it another time.  As Welker fucked faster and faster, he could feel Edelman's big load leaking out of him and running down the inside of his thigh.  Welker saw Edelman look over Welker's shoulder and make a weird face.  Almost ready to cum, Welker was too intoxicated to notice that an unseen hand reached in between his legs, and, using two fingers, scooped up the part of Edelman's big load that had leaked out of Welker's used hole. 

Welker's balls were tightening to his body just as he made out who was behind him.  Tom Brady walked around in front of him, and stuck his two cummy fingers into Woodhead's eager mouth.  With the taste of Edelman's load, Woodhead's ass contracted around Welker's cock putting Welker and Woodhead both over the edge.  The two players came simultaneously, with Welker depositing seven or eight spurts of cum deep inside Woodhead, and Woodhead's smaller cock exploding all over his perfectly smooth, muscled torso. 

The 6'4" Brady stood up over the three, a ridiculously massive hard on visible under his loose fitting shorts, and smiled. 

"God I love fucking short guys," he said as he lowered his shorts.

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  1. I know this one is older, but can I just say I am SO glad I found your blog! I'm part of the NFL RPS communities on LJ but I've read all the ones there and even added a bunch myself, but I wanted more (I'm pretty sure I have an obsession)! Anyway, I love your writing. I saw there are some recent ones up, so I basically plan on making my way through all of them at some point! :)