These stories are about men having sex with other men. If you're not into that, then too bad for you. Because these stories are fake, no one in them has to worry about safety. And stopping the action to describe Tom Brady tearing open a condom packet, pinching the reservoir to avoid bubbles, etc., really fucks with the narrative flow. If you do this stuff in real life ALWAYS wear a condom and be safe.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Broncos Wideouts

Wednesday meant film review, walkthrough, practice, and training.  Wes Welker didn't mind game week Wednesdays.  They flew by.  But damn.  After barely escaping the Chargers last week and with the Chiefs on tap this week, Denver's wideouts had an extra film session with their position coach.  That meant the group missed the regular training schedule, so they had to fit it in during the day.  Never a morning person, Wes planned to hang out after the end of the day to work out. 
With the sun long set after his last film meeting -- how was it already mid November? and why does it get dark so early? -- he headed toward the weight room to get in his workout. 
"Burning the midnight oil, eh?" asked a deep voice behind him.  Wes turned around to see Eric Decker walking down the hall toward him.  The big 6'3" stud was in jeans and a hoodie, looking like he was his way out the door. 

"Yeah," said Wes.  "With the extra meeting and everything else going on this week, I haven't done today's training." 
"Sucks, bro," said Eric looking down at Wes in his shorts and tshirt.  "I'm getting out of here."  Eric reached a hand up under his hoodie and scratched his chest.  Wes caught a glimpse of Eric's washboard abs and dark treasure trail.  He enjoyed the view.  Almost at his 5'9" level, he caught a flash of dark nip as Eric scratched his chest.  "Jesse always goes out with her girlfriends on Wednesday nights, so I get some time to myself."
"Well have fun with it, dude," Wes said, not really interested in Eric's social calendar.
"It's the only time I can whack it in peace, you know?" said Eric, a shit-eating grin spreading across his handsome face. 
Wes's heart skipped a beat imagining the big stud at home, his fat cock in his hand, pounding his pud to some internet porn.  An image to save for later, he thought. 
"Yeah, sure... whatever, man," said Wes quietly as he shook his head, trying to give as nonchalant a response as possible.  "Um... have fun, I guess.  I gotta get to it."
Wes turned away and headed back toward the weight room.  He couldn't see that Eric stood in the hallway and watched every twitch of Wes's ass as he walked away. 

Wes had the weight room to himself.  It had been dark when he came in, so he turned on the lights and set up the radio to blast his favorite workout mix.  He had been working out for about half an hour when he moved on to chest.  As he set up the bench press with his warm up weights, he heard the door open. 
In walked Eric, changed out of his jeans and hoodie into a pair of orange shorts and a grey tank top.  Wes immediately noticed Eric's always-hot arms and his impressive bulge, which the orange shorts showed off perfectly. 
"What happened to jerking it?" asked Wes with a smirk, as he sat down on the bench.
"What can I say?" said Eric with a grin, as he spread his arms out wide, "you inspired me.  There's always room for more training."
"Yeah, no joke," said Wes as he lay back to do his set.  Not for you, stud, he thought to himself.  Eric was the hottest guy on the team, by far.  He was tall, incredibly handsome, and totally jacked.  He looked like he worked out all the time, and he had no shame about walking around without a shirt.  In fact, he had inspired Wes to up his own game.  Even though Wes was now north of 30, he knew there was room to improve  his own workout regimen.  He'd managed to shed a little fat from his frame since coming over from NE, and he had tightened up his legs and ass a fair amount.  He sometimes got the sense that Eric had noticed.
When he sat up from his set, he noticed that Eric had set up shop right across the aisle from him at the squat stand.  He tried to look at the floor, the ceiling, anything, but he couldn't help but watch transfixed as Eric lifted the bar off the stand and set it up on the floor for deadlifts.  He dropped the bar, then stood up and grabbed a plate, then bent over and put it on the bar, and repeated it to load up the bar.  Wes was transfixed at the sight of Eric's big, perfect, muscle ass under his shorts each time he bent over.  His underwear suddenly seemed a couple sizes too small as blood rushed to his cock, and he was grateful he was wearing oversized shorts that were a little forgiving. 
"You okay, bro?" asked Eric after he noticed Wes was just sitting on the bench and not working out. 
"Oh... yeah.  Just tired I guess," said Wes lamely, as he snapped out of the trance. 
"Well, keep at it.  The sooner you're done, the sooner you can get out of her and go to bed."  Another perfect smile on Eric's face.
"Right," said Wes.  He lay back on the bench and did his next set.  Eric watched him lay down and noticed what looked like a somewhat larger bulge than usual in between Welker's big sexy thighs.  Eric adjusted his shorts slightly, and set about his set.
Wes sat up, having finished his set, and was greeted by the sight of Eric's flexing ass cheeks as a started dead lifting.  A flash of navy blue caught his eye with each rep, and he saw the waistband of Eric's underwear above Eric's shorts.  Wes's mind immediately went to imagining Eric in just his underwear doing the workout.  But, fuck, that got him a semi, and he had to quickly adjust his package as he stood up to add more weight. 
As he added more weight, he watched Eric in between sets.  Eric lifted his tank top up and down, adjusted his shorts, and did body weight squats like a set of tics between each set.  With each body weight squat, Wes got another good look at Eric's gorgeous ass, and blood kept inching into his cock.  I've got to focus, he said. 
He went back to the bench and did his next set.  Eric looked over when he heard the bar come off the rack, and noticed Wes's bulge was even bigger than before.  Good, he thought to himself.  He adjusted his shorts again, pulling them down a little lower.  And started his set.
Wes sat up, his chest starting to ache from the strain.  As he stretched his shoulders and arms and counted down time, he saw that there was now a flash of pale flesh under the navy waistband of Eric's underwear.  Wes felt his cock grow a good three inches in an flash from the realization that Eric was only wearing a jock, and that he was just a thin layer of nylon from watching Eric's big tight ass strain to lift his weight. 

Wes had seen his ass hundreds of times in the locker room.  And his heavy nuts and gorgeous floppy cock.  But that was work.  That was the locker room.  The feeling that he was getting a private show was an incredible turn on.  And he wanted to see every muscle in Eric's ass strain to lift the heavy weight. 
This time, Wes had to pull his cock up under his waistband to hide it when he got up to add more weight.  As he sat down, he saw Eric turn around and noticed that his own sizeable bulge seemed to have gotten bigger, though the outline he could see showed him that it was clearly trapped in his jock.  Wish I'd thought of that, he thought to himself.

As Wes lay down to do his next set, Eric looked over and saw the clear outline of Wes's cock stretched up against his stomach.  You've got a flat, washboard stomach, asshole, though Eric.  You think you can hide a fat hard on by keeping it against your stomach?  Maybe if it was smaller he thought with a smile. 

Wes sat up to see that Eric had taken his shirt off and was starting to sweat from his deadlifts.  He got up to add more weight, and watched transfixed as Eric's hard muscled body worked to lift the weight.  Wes wanted to snap his jock.  He wanted to run his hands over Eric's muscles.  He wanted to lick every inch of him. 
Knock it the fuck off, he said to himself, as he sat back down.  But then.  Inspiration!
"Yo, Eric," he said.  The sweaty, shirtless stud turned around with a smile. 
"What's up?"
"Spot me?  I'm tired and don't want to drop this." 
"No worries," grinned Eric.  He bent over and grabbed his tank top.  "I'll even get decent for you."
Don't you dare, Wes thought to himself, but said nothing as he lay back on the bench.  Eric took a minute to show up at the top of his field of vision.  When he saw some motion up there, he grabbed the bar off the rack and got it into position, his arms and chest straining under the heavier weight.

He started to do his first rep, but nearly lost all control over his body when Eric stepped up into spotting position, his huge frame visible above Wes, with a huge hard on tenting his shorts. 
"Whoa," said Wes, honestly surprised at the sight above him.  Eric burst into a huge grin and started laughing.  Wes tried to hold on to the weight.  "Fuck, you ass, help me.  I lost it."  Eric bent down to help Wes get the bar back onto the rack.  As he did, Wes felt Eric's shorts rub against his right arm where they were tented by his hard on. 
Eric stood above Wes, his arms at his sides, and just started in his eyes.  Not sure of the right move, Wes hesitated for a second.  After Eric didn't look away, Wes let his arms fall behind him over his head.  He reached a hand out and tentatively  touched Eric's hairy leg.  When Eric didn't flinch or break eye contact, he put his whole hand on the big stud's leg and slowly rubbed it. 
"Figured you might be up for helping me out, bro," said Eric quietly.  "A much better option than jerking it at home." 
Rather than say anything, Wes reached his hand up Eric's shorts and wrapped his small hand around Eric's thick cock.  It was about seven inches long, but thicker than Wes could wrap his hands around.  Wes's own cock swelled to its full length in his shorts. 
Wes silently ran his hand down the full length of Eric's cock and watched as Eric closed his eyes and opened his mouth to let out a silent sigh.
Wes let the fat cock go, and sat up on the bench.  Eric stepped around the bar and dropped his shorts. 
"Leave it on," said Wes assertively as Eric reached for the waistband of his navy jock.  Eric raised an eyebrow, as he let go of it.  Wes took a moment to enjoy this sight.  Eric's studly legs glistened with a sheen of sweat under his tank top, his navy jock was pulled aside, and his big heavy nuts hanged down several inches below his thick cut cock.  Wes reached a hand out and grabbed the slab of meat from beneath, and pulled it up toward his mouth.  Eric stepped forward, and Wes opened wide to take the head in his mouth.
There was no way Wes could take this fat monster all the way down his throat, but he opened as wide as he could, and took about half of the beast.  He put his other hand at the base, and smeared his own spit down the lower half of the thick shaft as he started bobbing slowly back and forth. 
"Oh shit, dude," breathed Eric.  "Work that huge cock."  Wes reached up his other hand and squeezed Eric's big sack above his nuts and gently tugged on Eric's balls.  Wes kept this up until he tasted the sweet flavor of Eric's precum on his tongue. 
"My turn," said Wes, pulling Eric's big knob out of his mouth. 
"Gladly," said Eric with a smile, as Wes stood up.  Wes peeled off Eric's tanktop to see that same dark nipple almost at eye level that he had seen in the hall.  The shorter man jerked Eric's big schlong as he dove onto Eric's nipple and nibbled at it while Eric let out a sharp breath. 
"what's the best way to do this?" asked Eric, unsure of himself for a minute.  Wes, no stranger to fucking around with guys almost a foot taller than him, told Eric to sit on the bench facing the bar.  Wes peeled off his shirt, revealing a hot muscular torso with firm hard pecs and a light dusting of hair.  He bent over and dropped his shorts and underwear in one motion, and stood up naked with his thick hard on standing at attention.
Eric's mouth hung open after seeing Wes's fully hard cock for the first time.  It was magnificent. Wes's big cut cock stood hard as steel, bending up from his body at least 9 inches.  His head flared out a quarter inch from his shaft all the way around.  The big blunt purple head stood atop a thick shaft almost as big as Eric's that flared at the base to be as thick as a beercan.  It was definitely bigger than Eric's monster, and he would never have guessed it.
Wes put his hands on his hips and smirked at Eric while Eric stared slackjawed at the baseball bat in front of him.  "Gotta watch out for short guys, bro.  Surprised you haven't heard that before." 
Eric didn't response for a couple of seconds.  "So I guess you're a shower then?" asked Eric, chuckling quietly to himself. 
Wes stepped up onto the bench, and sat his muscular ass onto the bar.  He spread his legs in front of Eric, and pulled his head toward his cock.  Eric opened wide, and took Wes's now leaking cock into his mouth.  Wes pushed Eric's head down onto it, and watched lustfully as Eric choked on the long, fat monster.  Eric put a hand on Wes's furry muscular thigh to try to push back, and Wes grabbed his hair and pulled him off.
"Put a knee up on the bench while you suck me," Wes told Eric.  Eric braced one arm under his shoulders and put his right knee up on the bench.  "Arch your back," said Wes as he pulled Eric's mouth back onto his cock.  Wes watched as Eric's round ass cheek, framed beautifully by the navy jock, came into view in front of him.  Eric's back rippled under his smooth tan skin as he levered himself back and forth, taking as much of Wes's big cock as he could. 
"Get on all fours on the floor, facing the bench," Wes told him as he pulled Eric's head off his cock and stood up.  Eric got off the bench and on to the floor, his jock framing his round muscular ass.  Wes could see the wisps of dark hair between the cheeks that he had jacked off to countless times after seeing it in the shower.  Wes knelt on the bench, bracing an arm on Eric's shoulder, as Eric dove back onto his cock. 

While Wes was being pleasured by Eric's deep throat and active tongue, he leaned his weight onto Eric's shoulders and back, and reached his free arm down toward Eric's ass.  He gave it a firm smack and felt his cock twitch involuntarily to see how little Eric's stud ass moved when hit.  He hit it harder, and then reached a finger in between the hard globes of Eric's big ass. 
He struggled to reach all the way down Eric's long torso, so he leaned forward and buried his cock to the hilt down Eric's throat and managed to get a finger right on Eric's hole.  He felt Eric gag on his beast, and he leaned back.  Eric coughed to open his newly freed windpipe, and Wes saw his huge cock covered in trails of spit from deep down Eric's throat. 
While Eric coughed, Wes got up and walked around behind Eric.  He knelt on the ground behind him and took in the gorgeous sight of Eric's hard muscular ass framed by that his navy jock.  Wes grabbed Eric's throbbing hard on and pulled it back between his legs.  He bent down and tongued Eric's big heavy nuts, which were not tight up against his body, and then ran his tongue from the tip of Eric's leaky cock all the way up to Eric's tight pink hole.  Wes jerked Eric's fat cock while he took in the deep scent of his jock teammate's hot hole.  He flicked his tongue against the pink hole, and carefully ran his scruffy chin across it, which made Eric's whole body tense and his cock jump each time. 

Wes pulled back and saw a little puddle of precum on the matted floor where Eric had been leaking while on all fours.  He grabbed it and smeared it on his own cock, adding the slippery sweet precum to the spit that Eric had left on it. 
"You're going to get the fuck of your life," said Wes as he worked a thumb into Eric's hole and jerked his own big cock.  Eric reached back and stroked his fat cock. 
"Give it to me stud," said Eric, his face pressed against the mat.  That was all Wes needed to hear.  He pushed Eric's hips lower to the ground, spit on his gorgeous hole, and lined up his fat hog. 

Eric didn't know how exactly he was going to take a cock this big.  Wes's fat, flared head felt like a hot baseball trying to get in his tight hole.  He'd had a couple of big cocks, including Tebow's short fat piece, Champ Baily's long snake, and that amazing dick of Matt Ryan's after losing a bet, but Wes had the overall biggest he'd ever tried.  He bore down on Wes's hot invader, and felt like he split in two as it finally broke through his tight hole. 

Wes didn't care to wait.  He pressed his hips forward.  He wanted to feel his heavy nuts up against Eric's hot muscular thighs.  After a couple of fits of starts, and plenty of gasping breaths from Eric, Welker finally bottomed out more than 9 inches deep in Eric's jock hole.  Eric was in ecstasy.  His cock was leaking, and every muscle in his body was activated as he tried to get used to the big hog lodged inside him. 
"Ready for this?" asked Wes as he slowly started a few tentative thrusts. 
"Unngh hmm," moaned Eric nonsensically as he was overcome with pleasure from the way the big flared ridge of Wes's cock head rubbed across his prostate. 

Wes built up some speed to make sure that Eric could take it.  He was impressed.  Most guys struggled to get used to it or came right away, ruining Wes's fun.  Jared Allen simpered like a baby.  Gronk came after about two minutes.  Matt Stafford was all cocky and thought he could take it all in one deep stroke, and then all but jumped off as soon as Wes bottomed out.  Cam Newton came almost as soon as Wes's head popped inside.  And though he ended up addicted to it, Tom Brady took like an hour to relax enough to let Wes even do his fist long stroke.  Eric took a couple of minutes to get used to it, but he was a trooper. 

Wes grabbed a fistful of Eric's jock, and used it to pull Eric's jock ass back onto the root of his cock.  He used his thick furry thighs, and his round muscular ass to forcefully pound his long fat cock in and out of Eric's willing and eager ass. Eric was flexing his ass as much as he could around Wes's thick cock, but he was working overtime with his ripped upper body to push himself back onto Wes's hard body in time with Wes's powerful strokes.  The room filled with the loud thwack of Eric's ass slapping against Wes's torso over and over. 
As Eric's arms started to tire, and his ass cheeks got sore from Wes's repeated slaps, Eric needed a switch.  "Let me ride you," he said. 
"About time," said Wes, as he slid his engorged reddish cock out of Eric's ass with an audible pop as his big mushroom head cleared the final ring of muscle. 
Wes got up and put the bar Eric had been deadlifting with back up on the squat rack on the highest rack.  While Eric stood up, his legs quivering like jelly from the fucking he had been getting, Wes dragged a bench into the squat rack and lay down on it.  Eric stepped one leg up on to the bench, braced his arm against the bar, and lined up his hole.  Wes reached down and held the base of his big raging hard on and lined it up.  Eric grabbed his own big cock and moved it out of the way, so he could see.  In one fluid stroke after he lined Wes up with his now well-used hole, Eric lowered himself all the way onto Wes's huge dick. 

He relaxed and settled all his weight onto Wes's hips, while Wes flexed his cock deep inside him.  Eric put his other leg on the floor and straddled Wes's body.  Slowly, almost unsure of the geometry, Eric eased himself up and back down on Wes's cock.  He was experiencing pure pleasure.  Wes's hot bare cock felt amazing buried balls deep inside him.  He started slowly jerking his fat cock, his balls bouncing heavily against Wes's rock hard stomach. 
Wes was so turned on by the sight of Eric's perfect, sweaty torso and incredibly thick jerking cock.  He started thrusting up into Eric's ass in time with Eric's thrusts.  Wes reached up and started tweaking his own nipples, knowing that he wasn't far from dropping his load. 

Unexpectedly, Eric felt his own orgasm come on.  Wes's flared head rubbed against his prostate one too many times to take, and with little warning, all the muscles in his body flexed tight, and his cock exploded six long ropes of thick cum out onto Wes's body. 
"Keep fucking me," he gasped as his cock kept shooting.  Wes started working harder than ever fucking up into Eric's stud ass, as Eric's orgasm has tightened his hole impossibly, considering the abuse it had been taking for almost half an hour.  When the fourth of Eric's shots landed on his face, Wes reached up and put Eric's cum on his tongue.  The taste put him over the edge.  Wes pumped what felt like a quarter cup of cum more than nine inches deep into Eric's perfect ass. 
As they both caught their breath, Eric eased himself off of Wes's still mostly hard cock.  A few drops of wet cum leaked down his leg after the audible pop of Wes's big head exiting his hole.  Eric grabbed his tank top off the floor and wiped himself off.  Wes did the same with his tshirt.  Out of breath, sticky with cum and sweat, the two held each other's eyes as they tried to recover. 

Wes broke the ice.
"So you've clearly taken some big ones before.  We should compare notes on who we've fucked around the league." 
"I'm having a little party early next week.  You should come.  You'll be.... impressed," said Eric with a grin, as he pulled on his shorts and exited the room. 

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