These stories are about men having sex with other men. If you're not into that, then too bad for you. Because these stories are fake, no one in them has to worry about safety. And stopping the action to describe Tom Brady tearing open a condom packet, pinching the reservoir to avoid bubbles, etc., really fucks with the narrative flow. If you do this stuff in real life ALWAYS wear a condom and be safe.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Broncos QB Depth Chart

"Thanks.  You have a blessed day."

Tim Tebow disconnected the call.  He tossed his phone across the bed.  He cradled his head in his hands and rubbed his face in exhaustion.

The call with WFAN was his fourth radio interview in the past two hours.  And the most aggressive.  The New York media is known for being brutal, but Tim was in town to promote kick off of the new NFL season.  Not to be harangued about the proper throwing motion by some radio douche who probably did not even know the right way to put on a jock.

"Tim," he scolded himself, "they're just doing their job.  Don't be filled with hate.  Forgive them."  He said a quiet prayer to himself and flopped back on to the king size bed in his hotel room.  Staring at the ceiling, he absentmindedly scratched at his stomach as he thought through the schedule for the rest of the evening.  Two more radio spots.  An appearance on ESPN.  Then the morning shows.  The NFL had asked him to join a group of stars and recent high profile draft picks who would make the media rounds in the days leading up to the September 8 kick off of the 2011 season.  He had been relieved to get a couple days away from the pressure cooker of Broncos camp, but the schedule was brutal.

And he had a lot on his mind.  After coming into the season pegged to start for Coach Fox, his preseason was rocky, to say the least.  Poor throwing motion.  Inaccurate passes.  Missed timing.  Camp was rough.  And the preseason games did little to help.  Tim had never experienced problems like this before.  Coach Fox had already named Kyle Orton as the new starter, and there were whispers that if Tim even made it to opening day, he would be being Brady Quinn on the depth chart, and maybe even rookie Adam Weber.

It made no sense.  In his 24 years, Tim had always gotten what he wanted.  And when things went wrong, his faith kept him content.  But lately he felt out of sorts.  His heart would race at unexpected times.  He had trouble concentrating.  He was having disturbing dreams.  He would forget his patterns in the middle of plays.  In the past, he would throw himself into his workout routine to get over focus problems.  But it was no longer working.  He was in phenomenal shape for the season.  All 6'3" of him was muscled and toned, and he carried his nearly 250 pounds in all the right places.  But the workouts stopped restoring his focus. And it was really starting to get to his game.

Tim had tried everything he could think of.  He read the Bible.  He talked to his pastor.  He talked to his parents.  He went to church.  He volunteered.  He talked to his mentor.  He prayed.

Coach Fox was impatient with the problems.  He told Tim to talk to the other quarterbacks on the team.  Orton told him his mechanics were bad, and his release point was too low.  If he brought it up, his throws would be more accurate.  That solved nothing.  Weber told him he should start meditating.  He described the benefits he had experienced once he learned transcendental meditation.  That solved nothing.  Quinn told him he used to have the same problems in Cleveland.  But LeBron James had really helped him learn to relax.  Quinn told Tim to call LeBron and tell him, "Brady says you need to help me the same way you've been helping him."  Tim didn't think LeBron could do anything for him and never called.

He did his radio interviews and the ESPN appearance.  All the questions were about the depth chart.  And his mechanics.  The last radio guy even had the nerve to ask him if he thought he was already an NFL bust.  Tim was floored.  He was only in his second year.  He was working out his mechanics.  How could he be a bust.

He started to feel his heart speeding up, and he was getting a headache.  He decided to work out when he got back to the hotel.

It was around 10:30 when he walked into the locker room of the hotel's gym.  It was small, but nice.  He peeled off his tshirt and khakis.  In just his Jockey y-fronts, he reached into his gym bag and grabbed a pair of shorts and a tank.  He pulled them on and went to work out.  Because of the hour, the gym was empty.  He was grateful.  He wasn't in the mood to meet a fan, or be stared at, or be friendly.  And he would be angry with himself if he was rude to a fan.

He worked out his lower body for about forty five minutes, then jogged a few miles, and then did a hundred sit ups.  Around midnight, he dragged his sweaty body back into the locker room.  The locker room was totally empty.  He peeled off his gym clothes, grabbed a towel, and went to the showers.

The hot water felt great as he soaped up his body.  His muscles were tight from the workout, so after making sure his massive body was squeaky clean, he dried off, grabbed a couple of dry towels, and went into the steamroom.

The wet heat felt amazing to his stiff body.  He turned up the thermostat, took a seat on the lower of the two benches.  He leaned forward on his knees and said a short prayer.  Then he leaned back, put a towel over his face, and tried to relax.

His mind was still racing, but he felt better after the workout.  He was running through the Denver playbook when he nodded off.


"Yo, pal.  You alright?  You been in here for a while."

Tim opened his eyes under the towel and tried to get his bearings.  He was really hot.  And sweaty.  His fingertips felt wrinkled like he had been in the bath for too long.  He stretched out his legs to drive the sleepiness away, and leaned forward onto his knees.  He grabbed the towel off his head, and rubbed his face with it before running it back and forth through his hair a few times.  He blinked sweat out of his eyelids, and then looked up.

Tim was staring at two massive, black feet.  He looked up at their owner and said, "Yeah.  Thanks buddy.  I must have dozed off."

"Timmy?  I thought it might be you, but that seemed ridiculous."  Cam Newton laughed at the coincidence of running into his former Flordia teammate in a hotel steamroom after midnight.

"Cam!" said Tim, happy to see his former teammate.  "Did they bring you up for the season kickoff publicity?"

"Yeah.  Apparently I'm marketable," Cam replied with a crooked grin.

Cam had been the freshman backup to Tim at Florida in 2007, the year Tim ended up winning the Heisman.  The two were friends, and Tim went out of his way to try to mentor the younger man.  The two got along well,  but Tim was the reason why Cam transferred away from Florida.  Everyone expected Tim to go pro after his junior year, but he ended up returning.  Cam could do math.  That meant three years behind Tim, and even with Cam's redshirt sophmore year that still left him with limited opportunity to start.  The gamble had paid off, as Cam won a Heisman in 2010 and was the number one pick.  Tim never told anyone, but he was relieved when Cam transferred.  He could never put a finger on it, but he always felt weird when he was around Cam.

"Well, good for you buddy," said Tim, genuinely happy everything had gone well for Cam.  Cam was seated on the top bench of the steamroom, above Tim, and to look Cam in the eye, Tim had to stare up Cam's cut, muscular 6'5" frame.  Cam had a single towel wrapped around his waist and was sitting with his legs spread.

Tim felt his face starting to get warm.

"I've been in here way too long," Tim said, starting to stand up.  "I'll see you around."

"Wait a minute," Cam said.  "We haven't seen eachother in a few years, and you just woke up."  Cam stared right at Tim, and smiled as Tim relaxed himself and eased back onto the bench.  Cam knew Tim had always acted weird around him.  They were friendly at Florida, but never really close.  Cam noticed how Tim always acted weird in the locker room and pegged him as a closet case.  Cam wasn't the only one who thought so, but Tim was so publicly Christian and virginal.  The God thing seemed just as likely an explanation.  He had always hoped he was a closet case, because Cam, like every other man-loving man, had it bad for the kid.

Cam decided to tkae advantage of this unique opportunity.  

"You're right.  It's been too long," said Tim as he sat down.  Tim felt compelled to sit down.  Cam's stare was really intense.  And Tim wasn't focusing clearly.  He was getting those weird feelings again.  His heart was beating faster.  He face was getting warm.  He was distracted and antsy.  He didn't know why.

"Tell me how things are going in Denver," said Cam calmly, as he spread his legs a little further.  He looked down at his muscled chest and pretended to wipe something off one of his jacked pecs.

"Uh . . ." Tim tried to keep eye contact with Cam, but when Cam spread his legs Tim saw something move under Cam's towel.  Because of the angle, he couldn't miss the head of Cam's thick cock flop down and hang off the edge of the bench.  Tim swallowed.  "Uh . . . things are okay.  Rough preseason, you know," he said, trying desperately to sound casual.  His mind raced, and he couldn't keep his mind focused on anything except the glimpse of Cam's cock he saw.  Tim's own cock started to get hard, which Tim didn't understand at all.

"Yeah, I know.  Sorry about that, bro," said Cam.  "How do you think it's all going to play out?"  As he asked the question, Cam slid his hips forward a little more on the bench.  His torso moved closer to horizontal, and the towel was now above Cam's knees, giving Tim an unobstructed view of his package.  Cam's big nuts slid off the edge of the bench and hanged heavy under his thickening cock.

"I think it'll work out alright . . ." Tim trailed off as he saw Cam's big nuts hang low under his thick cock.  He was mesmerized.  Cam's cock was already much bigger than Tim's six inches, and Tim couldn't believe it.  He licked his lips without thinking and felt his cock become fully erect.

"Whoa, bro," said Cam with a smile, looking down at the tent under Tim's towel.  "Looks like little Tim's thinking about pussy, eh?"

The comment jolted Tim back to life.  He covered his crotch and put his knees together and looked at the ground.  He started to get up to leave stammering something incoherent.

"Tell me about it," said Cam, completely splaying his muscular legs, and flipping his towel open.  "I haven't jerked it in a few days and could really stand to hear about the pussy you're thinking about."  Cam grabbed his hardening cock and started jerking it, staring right at Tim.

"I don't know what came over me.  Sorry about that."  Tim was shifting nervously.  Desperate to get out of the steamroom, but also confused.  He didn't know what to do.

"It's all good, bro," said Cam, his cock now nearing its full ten inches.  "What were you thinking about?"

Tim froze.  He couldn't stop staring at Cam's cock.  His own was rock hard.  Nothing like this had ever happened before.  He was frozen in time and space and felt adrift.  All he could see was Cam's big black cock and the pair of big nuts gently bouncing with each stroke.

"Huh?" asked Cam, licking his hand to smear his spit over his flared, pink head.  "Earth to Tim.  I asked
you a question."

Tim didn't respond.  And didn't stop staring.

Cam smiled.

"Go ahead and touch it."  Cam let go.  His thick ten inch monster flopped down over his nuts.  Cam gave a flex and it flopped heavily onto his ripped stomach.  Tim stood up and took the step to the other side of the small room.  He reached a hand up, and wrapped it around Cam's big beast.

Tim was breathing heavily out of his mouth, his jaw slack.  His heart was beating in his ears.  He looked up
at Cam, scared, and Cam broke into a smile.

"Feels good, don't it bro?" asked Cam in a quiet voice.  His perfect teeth filling out his smile.  Tim nodded breathlessly.  "Go ahead and give it a jerk or two."  Tim tentatively moved his hand up the thick shaft and then back down.  He reached out with his other hand and cupped Cam's big nuts.  "Mmmmmm," moaned Cam deeply.  Tim took the encouragement, and started a slow rhythm.

Cam's big cock felt amazing flexing in his hand.  He could feel Cam's heart beat.  And the heat was unlike anything Tim's virginal body had ever felt.

"Lose the towel," said Cam as he fully opened up his own.  Tim dropped his towel, and his six inch cock stood straight up against his hard, muscled body.  Cam reached a long arm forward, and stroked Tim's arm as Tim jerked him.  "That's it, nice and easy," he said to Tim as he moved his way to Tim's massive muscled chest.

"This is fucking amazing," said Tim, still breathless, and still entranced by Cam's big cock.  His cock was on fire, and it was throbbing uncontrollably as Cam rubbed Tim's jacked arm and moved to his chest.  Cam's hands on his pecs felt great, and Cam's big cock throbbed each time Tim let out a moan.  Cam took a big finger up to his mouth and licked it.  He reached down to Tim's rock hard right nipple, and gave it a pinch.

"Ungh," grunted Tim at the jolt of pleasure he felt when Cam tweaked his nipple.

"You like that, don't you?" smiled Cam.  He pinched harder, and saw Tim wince in a grunt.  Cam pulled gently but firmly down on Tim's hard nipple, and Tim let go of Cam's big cock.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck," gasped Tim in ecstasy.  Cam pulled harder and grabbed the other nipple. "Unnnngh," moaned Tim loudly as his breath quickened.  Tim instinctively reached for his cock, just as his nuts emptied their first sexual load all over Cam's foot.

"Damn, baby," said Cam, a big smile on his face.  "I guess you needed that."  Cam reached a finger down and scooped some of Tim's load off of his leg.  He tasted Tim's sweet cum, and quietly moaned.  Tim's eyes were wide as he watched Cam eat his cum.

Cam reached out, grabbed Tim's scared looking face and pulled to him.  Before Tim could resist, he snaked his tongue into Tim's mouth, giving him a taste of his own seed.  Tim tried to pull back for an instant, and then gave in.  He wrapped his arms around Cam's head and hoovered his tongue.

Somewhere in Tim's mind a wall had broken.  A levy breached.  As Cam Newton's thick tongue worked its way around his mouth, feeding him back his own hot load, Tim let loose.  After a long kiss, he pulled back.  He smeared up the rest of his load onto two fingers, and fed it to Cam, who happily lapped it up.

Tim stared right at Cam, still out of breath, and quietly and firmly said, "Fuck me like the little bitch I am."

"I knew you wanted it," smiled Cam as he adjusted himself to stand up.  "Get up and turn around.  Kneel on that bench."  Tim turned around and put his knees on the first level bench, and rested his arms up on the second level.  Cam grabbed his fat hog and jerked it, marveling at the sight in front of him.  Tim Tebow, America's favorite god-fearing virgin, had his giant muscle god body on all fours begging to get violated by ten inches of fat black cock.

Tim was nervous.  He'd never had so much as a finger in his ass before.  But he knew what he wanted.  It seemed right that Cam would fuck him.  He'd already shot the biggest load of his life without really even touching himself, and his cock didn't soften a bit.  He crossed his arms on the upper level of the bench, and rested his forehead on his forearms.

Cam loved the view of Tim's huge muscle ass pointed right at him, a soft line of fur running between the massive globes of muscle.  Cam dropped to his knees, and put a massive hand on each cheek.  He spread them open, and dove onto Tim's tight pink hole.

"Oh fuck!" gasped Tim at his first rimming.  He'd never felt anything like it.  Cam's tongue was thick and long and he was making long wet strokes back and forth over Tim's hole.  The heat of Cam's tongue on his hole sent a shock straight to his hard swollen cock.

After a few passes, Cam's tongue turned its attention to Tim's hole, trying to relax the tight ring.  Tim felt the pressure from Cam's strong tongue and tried to push back on it.  He could feel himself relaxing.

Cam pulled back and spit on Tim's hole.  He took a finger, wet it in the spit, and pressed it two knuckles deep into Tim's ass.  Tim felt a pleasure he had never experienced before.  It hurt a little.  But Tim had felt worse from injuries.  And there was something more pleasurable to this than anything he had felt before.  Tim pushed his muscular ass back on Cam's finger and felt the knuckles of Cam's other fingers as he bottomed out.  Tim pulled off and started slowly rocking back and forth.  The finger felt increadible.

Cam's cock was rock hard at the sight of Tim's hugely muscled back and big ass impaling itself on his finger.  He pulled the finger out, and went back to eating him out.  Tim's hole was loosened up a little now, and he worked his tongue in.

"That's fucking amazing," moaned Tim as he pushed his ass as far onto Cam's tongue as possible.  Cam worked his hole for several minutes, until he could easily slide his tongue in and out of the hole.

"You ready for this monster," asked Cam, spitting on his big cock and resting it in Tim's beefy ass crack.

"Give it to me stud.  Fuck me."

Cam looked at his massive cock nestled in the crack between Tim's perfect muscular ass cheeks.  He flexed his cock and his big pink head inflated even more.  He pulled his hips back, wrapped his long fingers around the base, and lined up the head of his ten inch rod with Tim's puckered hole.  He felt the tip catch in the valley of Tim's now-loosened hole.  With an arm on Tim's shoulder, pulling him back onto his cock, he eased
his hips forward.  Tim's virgin hole resisted.

Tim let out a grunt as Cam's cock pressed against him.  He bore down, and then let out a quiet scream as he felt Cam's fat head pop into him.  His breath was shallow and loud as he adjusted to the big invader.  Cam's cock was on fire, and Tim's own cock was still hard, though flagging a little at the new pain of getting penetrated.  After a few seconds, Tim bore down on the cock, and slowly started sliding back toward Cam.

"Fuck, that's tight," whispered Cam as he pressed forward into Tim, the rippling muscles of his torso gleaming with sweat.  "Take that cock, bitch."  He firmly slapped one of Tim's cheeks, as he pulled the big stud onto him.

Tim had never felt anything like this.  The pleasure and pain were both intense, but it just felt right.  He forced himself to keep easing back onto Cam's big cock, eager to feel it all inside him.  After slowly easing down for a few minutes, he felt Cam's cock stop.  Cam pulled harder on Tim's shoulder, but his cock wouldn't sink any deeper.

"You feel so good inside me," groaned Tim, as he started rocking on the fat cock inside him.

"I'm not inside you yet, bitch.  There's four more inches to go," Cam replied with a cocky grin.

"What the fuck?! I already feel like you're whole fucking arm is inside me."  Tim put his head on his hands, now worried he was in over his head.  The pleasure and pain were intense, but it felt great.  But he was scared of any more cock inside him.

Cam laughed at Tim's comment, and flexed his dick in Tim's ass.  Tim gasped with each flex, which just turned Cam on more.

"I'll get it in you," said Cam confidently, as he rolled his hips back and slowly pulled out. Once he had about three inches out, he slowly slid it back in.  His cock caught at the same spot.  He pulled out a little more, and slid it back in a little faster.  Tim could feel his hole learning to accommodate this new presence, and he bore down on it to try to take it better.  After a few minutes of slow stroking, Cam built up a nice rhythm.  He slid his dick out to just beneath the tip, and then smoothly slid it back in.  His even pace and smooth strokes were driving Tim insane, and his cock was dripping clear precum into a puddle on the bench beneath him.

"Harder," moaned Tim, as he raised himself up onto his hands and started pushing back against Cam's in strokes.

"You think you can take it harder, bitch?" asked Cam, as he started pistoning a little deeper, feeling Tim's inner ring starting to give a little.

"I know I can.  Make me your bitch," screamed Tim through clenched teeth as he forced himself back with all the strength his huge arms and chest could muster.  "AAAAHHHHHH!" Tim shouted as Cam finally penetrated his inner ring and slammed into him balls deep.

Cam knew to slow down to let Tim handle this new sensation.  He pushed his big heavy nuts against Tim's cheeks, and stayed there, ten inches deep in Tebow's ass.  Tim pursed his lips and loudly exhaled, his whole body seized tight at the pain of four new fat inches of black cock buried in his now gaping hole.  Cam wrapped his muscular arms under Tim's own and around Tim's massive chest.  He stroked Tim's muscular pecs and nuzzled at his neck.

"Just relax," he said quietly in Tim's ear, his tongue reaching out to trace its outer lobe.  "Now the fun can start.  Just relax."  Tim's breath gradually slowed and got deeper.  Cam could feel his body relax in his harms.  "That's it," he said, his tongue now licking inside Tim's ear.  Cam could feel Tim clenching his whole body around Cam's big dick, trying to get used to the invader.  Cam didn't move, but he flexed his dick, and felt Tim's body squeeze around him in response.

"Oh fuck," moaned Tim after a while, his whole body shuddering at the intensity of the pleasure.  His cock was back to rock hard.  "You feel amazing inside me."

"This ass is what's amazing," said Cam.  Without unwrapping his arms or stopping licking Tim's ear, Cam arched his back and gently slid his cock an inch or so out of Tim's hole, and slid it back in, going a little deeper than before.  Tim gasped and let out a gutteral moan of pure pleasure.  Cam did it again, pulling out a little farther, and then sliding back in.  Tim's moan didn't stop.

"Roll over," said Cam quietly, withdrawing his cock from Tim's hole and taking a step away.  Tim felt empty and quickly lay on his back on the bench.  Cam picked up Tim's massive legs, threw them over his shoulder, and lined up his engorged cock with Tim's now willing hole.  In one smooth stroke, Cam sank all ten inches to the hilt.  Tim felt waves of pleasure wash over him as he filled back up.  Cam grabbed Tim's ankles and used Tim's heft as an anchor.  With his legs spread beneath him, he leaned his weight onto Tim's legs, and used his ass and abs to pull his whole length out slowly and then used gravity to drop his body into Tim's ass.  Each time he bottomed out, Tim let out a coughing moan.

He threw his big arms over his head and his head lolled.  Tim was in heaven.

"Use me.  Fuck me.  Harder.  Deeper."  Tim said to the air.  Cam knew his cue, and he grabbed onto Tim's thighs.  Cam bent his legs slightly, and started fucking Tim as hard as he could.  With six-inch strokes, his body was a blur as he tried to aim slightly up into Tim's body to work his prostate.  Tim kept screaming "fuck me" over and over again, his eyes closed and a smile plastered on his face.  Cam fucked him as long as he could, but he was so turned on by the sight of Tim's muscular frame covered in sweat that he couldn't last more than five or six minutes.

Cam's strokes got shallower and shallower, and as he pounded Tim harder Tim's moaning scream got higher pitched.  Cam felt his big nuts drawing up into his body and knew he was about getting close.  "Fuck me" screamed Tim in almost a full shout as Cam pounded his last strokes.  At the last possible moment, Cam pulled out, dropped Tim's legs to the floor and put a knee up onto the bench.  Tim watched in ecstasy as Cam's perfect muscles clenched with his shallow breathing, his body dripping with sweat, as he jerked his monster cock in a blur and let out a scream of his own.

Cam's cock erupted with thick ropes of white jizz that shot all over Tim's face and torso.  Cam's furious jerking flung it up onto his own body and all over the steamroom.  Tim started jerking his rock hard cock and running his fingers through Cam's hot jizz.  He shot his second load up to his own face as he ate Cam's hot load.

Cam picked up a towel and threw it down on to Tim.  "Better clean yourself up, bitch."

Cam smiled and bent over to give Tim a deep kiss, his tongue exploring Tim's mouth for a taste of his own cum.


Tim and Cam showered together, and Cam fucked him again in the morning before they went their separate ways for the rest of the publicity.

Tim's game improved as soon as he was back to practice.  Everyone noticed the improvement.  And Tim quickly learned that the rookie backup, Adam Weber, had a fat eight inch cock that he was more than happy to plow into Tim on a regular basis to help keep Tim focused on his game.

When Brady Quinn found out about everything that had happened, he told Tim he was a dumb ass for never calling LeBron.  "I could tell you were a fellow bottom bitch from the moment I saw you, dipshit.  What do you think LeBron and I do?"  Tim asked Quinn to arrange a session as soon as possible.


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