These stories are about men having sex with other men. If you're not into that, then too bad for you. Because these stories are fake, no one in them has to worry about safety. And stopping the action to describe Tom Brady tearing open a condom packet, pinching the reservoir to avoid bubbles, etc., really fucks with the narrative flow. If you do this stuff in real life ALWAYS wear a condom and be safe.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Red Eye

Mark Sanchez looked at his watch.  10:00.  "Fuck," he thought.  The red eye for NY didn't leave for another hour.  The waiter in the Star Alliance lounge came by, and Mark ordered another g&t.  He'd had two already.  But he was facing five and a half hours on a plane.  He could sleep it off.  Besides, he only gets back to LA a couple of times a year.  The party doesn't have to end quite yet.  The waiter delivered his drink, and he took a sip.

Mark adjusted the hood on his sweatshirt.  He'd snuck home for a few days to see family and friends.  One of only a few such trips he can swing every year.  It was good to see everyone, and the last thing he wanted was a hassle at the airport on his way back to New York.  Mark's grey hoodie was up over his head, the zipper closed only down by his waist.  Underneath he was wearing a tight plain tshirt that showed off his tight body.  He had on a loose pair of basketball shorts and flipflops.  He really wasn't trying to impress anyone.

He took another sip of his drink and looked around the lounge.  Virtually empty.  A bloated, bald movie exec over in the corner.  Some spoiled millionaire's kid sitting at the bar.  A guy who looked like a lawyer next to him.  It was fine with Mark.  He like the weekday red eye.  Never too much attention.

Mark heard the automatic doors open and looked up to see someone new walk in and talk to the hostess.  From behind, Mark saw he was tall---probably about the same as Mark's 6'2"---and really well built.  He was wearing an expensive looking suit, and his back and shoulders, especially, looked impressive.  Mark felt his cock twitch a little.  He kept his head down, not needing to draw attention to himself, and saw the hostess and the suit guy walk past him to a table across the aisle.  The suit was charcoal gray and definitely expensive.  The suit guy was wearing expensive, well polished shoes.  Mark was impressed.  As he walked past, he was taking off his suit coat to give to the hostess, and Mark caught a glimpse of his ass.  It was big and meaty and looked like it rested on top of a sturdy set of worked out legs.  Just as Mark liked it.

Still staring down at the table and sneaking peeks from under his hood, Mark watched as the guy sat down across the aisle and a couple of tables to his left.  Mark pretended to be checking something in his carry on, so he could reposition himself to be pointing right across at his new hobby.  The guy lounged on the banquette and pulled a newspaper out of his bag.  He crossed his right leg, opened the paper and set to reading it.  Mark still hadn't seen his face, but the sight of this guy's thick thigh straining under his suit had really piqued his interest.  Mark loved a thick set of legs.  He loved the leverage they could put behind the meaty cock that often comes with them.  Mark's leg started bouncing up and down nervously as he tried to scope out more of this stud.

The waitress came by and Mark was shocked to see he'd already finished his most recent drink.  Figures.  All he'd been doing since the door opened was stare down at it and use it as an excuse to not be looking up.  "One more," he said with a smile.  The waitress smiled and headed off to the suit guy.

"Excuse me, sir," she said trying to discreetly interrupt his reading.  "Would you like something to drink?"  Suit guy uncrossed his legs and relaxed back into the banquette.  He folded down a corner of his paper.

"Budweiser, please," said a voice Mark thought he recognized but couldn't really place.  Mark's mind was racing to place the voice.  But he abandoned that project when he looked back out from under the hood toward suit guy.  Having spread his legs, suit guy was now showing off a huge package.  Mark felt his foreskin start to retreat as his cock came to life.  It looked like the guy had a softball between his legs.  The suit was tight around his muscled thighs, and nestled between them was a big round bulge that made Mark's asshole twitch.

His leg was now bouncing like mad.  Mark didn't know what he was going to do, but he wanted this guy.  Bad.  The waitress came with his drink.  Though she couldn't see anything, he nervously put his hands down in the pockets of his hoodie to cover up the hard on he knew was there.  She left the drink, and mark felt the hood slide back a little on his face.  He fixed it back over his head while the waitress took suit guy his beer.  Suit guy rustled his paper, thanked her, and stood up.  Mark couldn't tell what was going on until he saw a tie drop into view.  Suit guy was getting a little more casual.  He had rolled up his sleeves to reveal furry, muscled forearms.  And Mark watched that ass again as suit guy put his now removed tie into his bag.

Mark stared at the table as suit guy finished arranging himself, sat back down, and picked his paper back up.  Only with the newspaper partition back in place did Mark raise his eyes from the table.  He almost choked on his drink at the sight.  Suit guy was back to laying low on the banquette with his legs spread toward Mark, but he'd adjusted himself.  Instead of a single bulge, Mark could now make out a sizeable bulge resting between his legs and a thick cock reaching down the right pant leg. 

Mark's nervous leg bouncing continued.  And stopped altogether when suit guy's leg started bouncing a little.  Mark gave a tentative bounce in response.  And watched in lust as suit guy's big mushroom head swelled in response.  The thick cock had Mark going insane.  He looked at his watch.  Fuck.  His flight would be boarding in 10 minutes.  Fuck.  And he had to piss.  Mark got up, keeping his head away from suit guy, and headed toward the bathroom in the lounge, trying to hide his obvious bulge.

As he walked toward the bathroom, Aaron Rogers folded down the corner of his paper and watched Mark's nylon covered ass make its way across the room.  Rogers had noticed the hot latino stud as soon as he walked in.  He already knew he wanted to fuck him.  But when the waitress brought his drink, he saw it was Sanchez.  Too perfect.  Just the sort of relief he needed before a long flight.

Rogers waited for the bathroom door to close behind Mark.  He folded up his paper.  And he stood up, his half hard cock clearly visible in his suit.  Not giving a shit, he strode across the room and in to the bathroom.

Rogers quietly turned the deadbolt behind him in the entry way, and walked into the bathroom.  Mark was standing at a urinal doing a weird tripod.  His hand was over his head, and his legs were backed away from the urinal.  He was staring intently down at his crotch.

"I can't piss when I'm hard either, dude," said Rogers casually as he approached Mark.

"What the..." said Mark, startled, as he quickly thrust his torso into the urinal and looked over his shoulder.  "Aaron? For real?"  His look of terror quickly changed to confusion, first at the fact that the reigning Super Bowl MVP was standing in front of him and then at the fact that said reigning Super Bowl MVP was cruising him.

"I look real, don't I?" said Rogers with a smirk on his face. 

"Very funny, asshole," said Mark.  His crotch still thrust into the urinal.  After a momentary flagging, his cock had immediately returned to rock hard when he saw Aaron walk in.  He was still embarrassed to turn around.

"Why don't you turn around?" asked Rogers, as he reached a big hand down to adjust his bulge.  Rogers saw the lust in Mark's eyes.  So he just kept kneading his growing bulge until Mark turned around, revealing his impressive hard on.  Probably seven or seven and a half inches, nicely thick, uncut.  It was hard as a rock and standing straight up against Mark's rock hard stomach.   "What's got you so turned on?" said Rogers, his smile widening and his tongue running across his upper lip.

"Fuck, dude," said Mark, closing the distance between them.  He reached his hand out to Rogers's crotch and felt the heat coming off of the Packer stud's beer can cock.  "I've got a plane to catch."

"So do I," said Rogers as he unbuttoned his shirt and leaned in to give the Jet QB a deep kiss.  "You'd better get to work."

Mark went to Rogers's belt.  He got his pants open just as Rogers finished unbuttoning his shirt to reveal his broad, furry chest.  Mark dove onto one of his fuzzy nipples, eliciting a satisfied groan from Aaron, who now had his shoes slipped off and his pants around his ankles.  Rogers slipped his black boxer briefs down around his ankles, and pushed Mark to his knees.  Mark was greeted with Rogers's swollen hard on.  Almost nine inches.  Beer can thick.  Two big nuts hanging neatly underneath.  He dove on to the stud's cock, cramming as much as possible down his throat.  Rogers reached down and pulled Mark's shirt up over his head revealing his shredded, hairless torso.  There was an audible pop as Mark pulled his lips off Rogers's cock long enough to let his shirt get over his head.

Rogers backed up to one of the sinks, and rested his furry ass on the edge.  Mark hungrily dove up and down the big dick while Rogers played with a nipple.

"Suck my nuts," said Aaron.  "Suck them now," he said again when Mark didn't do it right away.  He put a hand in Mark's curly hair, pulled him off his cock and ground Mark's wet mouth up into his nuts.  He stroked his fat cock with his free hand while Mark's tongue worked over his nuts.

"Fuck me with that big thing," Mark said when Rogers finally released him from his nuts.  Mark was on his knees, out of breath and still hard.  He was smiling from ear to ear when Rogers told him to turn around.  Mark presented his muscled ass to Rogers, who dropped to his knees and ran his tongue up and down the crack.  Mark loved the way his stubble felt as a contrast to his thick, smooth tongue.  He stroked his hard on while trying to relax his hole to get ready for Rogers's big invader.

After working Mark's hole over with his tongue, Rogers sat back on his heels and stroked his monster.  He planted a hand on Mark's taut butt, and worked a thick thumb into the Jet's willing hole.  Mark let out a moan and shuddered as he ground his body back onto Rogers's big thumb.  Rogers told him to get ready for more than that, and Mark moaned at the thought.

Rogers popped this thumb out of Mark's hole and spit on his cock.  He spit on Mark's hole as he worked the spit onto his cock, improvising lube.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," said Mark.  "You'll need more than that for your big hog.  Get my wallet."  Rogers fumbled around in the basketball shorts and passed him his wallet.  Mark pulled out a little packet of lube and passed it to the stud top.  "Never know when you need to be prepared," Mark chuckled.

"Just give it to me.  I want that hole."  Before he was done with the statement, Rogers had already torn open the packed and poured its contents down the length of his big cock.  He smeared it around and lined up his big mushroom head with Mark's willing hole.

Mark immediately felt the head of Rogers's cock against him and bore down on the big, blunt head.  It popped in with a tinge of pain.  He felt his torso instinctively tighten up, and his breath got shallow.  He put a hand back on Rogers's hairy stomach and said "hoo, hold on a sec."

"No time, sorry," said Rogers with a filthy smile.  He put a strong hand on Mark's right shoulder, and slowly, but forcefully eased the Jet back onto his fat cock.  Mark's hole was hot and tight, and Rogers's cock pulsed at the sight of Mark's muscular back flexing as it struggled to deal with his big dick.

It seemed like an eternity to Mark before he felt the heat of Rogers's thighs and nuts finally reach his ass.  After the initial shock, Mark eased back onto Rogers's big cock.  And almost came as the fat head passed his prostate.  Now wholly impaled on the Rogers's cock, he was hard as a rock.  Every muscle in his body was tight, and his nipples were hard.  Rogers just waited, balls deep in his ass, for Mark to take the lead.  So, he slowly eased off Rogers's cock, and then settled back.  He could feel Rogers going deeper, as Mark relaxed.  He eased off and back on three or four more times and felt himself finally open all the way up.  He was in ecstasy at Rogers's big cock.

"Fuck me, stud," said Mark getting a rhythm going as he fucked himself on the big dick.  Rogers put his hands on Mark's waist, and started matching his rhythm, and asserting his control over the situation.  Mark could feel that with each penetrating thrust, Rogers was physically pulling his body back to meet Rogers's legs.  It felt amazing.  He worked to relax his hole has the cock thrust in and to tighten his hole as Rogers pulled out.

As Rogers picked up the pace and started fucking him harder, one of Mark's arms gave out.  He propped himself up on his elbow and rested his forehead on his forearm.  He reached his other arm back behind him to feel Rogers's furry chest, as he fucked him harder and harder.  Mark looked back under himself.  His cock was bright red and hard as a rock. He saw Rogers's sturdy legs flexing with each stroke, his heavy nuts swinging back and forth.

Mark got back up on all fours, and looked over his shoulder at Rogers pounding away at him.  "Fuck me stud.  Give me seed."  Mark was working hard with Rogers.  Impaling himself on the big cock.  Rogers's face was red, his arms were totally flexed.  His big chest heaved with each thrust.  He was starting to sweat.

"I'm gonna breed this hole, bitch," said Rogers through gritted teeth as he started absolutely jackhammering Mark's ass.  Mark gasped as he felt Rogers's cock swell even bigger.  Rogers let out a scream as he bottomed out one last time and collapsed onto Mark.  Mark could feel his huge cock spurting cum deep inside him, and Mark shot is own load without even touching himself.  Dazed from his orgasm, Rogers slowly ground his hips into Mark a few more times.

"Damn, bud," he said, still lying on top of Mark, "that's one hot fucking hole.  We'll have to do that again."  Rogers thrust his hips a couple more times, gave Mark a quick kiss on the cheek and pulled out of Mark's now gaping hole.

Mark lay on the ground catching his breath while Rogers got up and went to the sink.  He flopped his dick over the edge of the sink and started washing it.  He splashed water on his face, and started to put his shirt on, his still mostly hard cock hanging lewdly below.  Mark stroked his ass, relishing the beautiful pain of the rough fuck and watching the big stud top get dressed.

Rogers looked at his watch as he slid his shoes on.  "You're on the 11, right?  It's 10:45.  Run and you'll make it."  Rogers turned around and left.  Mark panicked, got up, and started gathering his clothes.  When he reached for his shorts, he was horrified to see that he had shot his load right down the front of them.  He had no choice.  He pulled on his cum stained shorts, his tshirt and hoodie.  And he ran.

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  1. Absolutely amazing!!! Read it a half dozen times already... love this!!