These stories are about men having sex with other men. If you're not into that, then too bad for you. Because these stories are fake, no one in them has to worry about safety. And stopping the action to describe Tom Brady tearing open a condom packet, pinching the reservoir to avoid bubbles, etc., really fucks with the narrative flow. If you do this stuff in real life ALWAYS wear a condom and be safe.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

QB Sack -- chapter 2

The alarm started buzzing at 6:00.  Every time it started to scream, a hand reached out
from under the white sheets and slapped the snooze button.  When it started buzzing for the
fifth time, a sleepy-eyed Jared Allen finally emerged from under a pillow, realized it was
already after 7:00, and muttered "fuck." The Vikings star rolled his big frame onto his
back, rubbed his eyes with both hands and let out a deep yawn.  As he stretched out his
arms and legs and tried to rejoin the land of the living, Allen reached down to scratch his
heavy nuts.  On his way down, his hand brushed his big morning wood---eight and a half
inches of thick cut cock standing tall and proud.

Jared had been dreaming every night this week about his ongoing plan to get back at all the
coddled pansy ass QBs who had ever given him some shit by taking their asses whether they
wanted it or not.  Last week, he had made golden boy Tom Brady his bottom bitch and managed
to get him to beg to be fucked by the DE's big fat cock.  Last night he was dreaming about
Brady and the other QBs coming up on his schedule: Eli, Brees, Matt Ryan, Aaron Rogers,
Peyton, Big Ben, Mark Sanchez, Rivers.... But he was super hard as he woke up, because he
was thinking about today's game.  The Vikings were hosting the Dallas Cowboys, and Jared
had spent all week waking up with a raging hard on and a drop of precum because of how
badly he wanted to bury his cock balls deep in Tony Romo's ass.

"Shit!"  The alarm now said 7:30, and Jared was going to be late for the team game day
meeting.  He threw back the sheets, and hopped up naked.  He rifled through the dirty
clothes hamper and grabbed a loose pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt, pulled them on,
slipped into some flip flops, and headed to the kitchen.  He scratched his balls through
the shorts while he poured himself a cup of coffee, trying to will his hard on to subside. 
While taking the first sip, he grabbed his cell phone, and keys and headed for the door. 
He paused at the mirror by the door, noticed that he was now just semi-hard.  Even though
the clear outline of his soft fat cock was visible through the shorts, he figured that was
hot---rather than obscene---and headed out the door.  He flipped through his text messages
while he got in his car: his agent, his mom, and another pathetic message from Brady just
saying "'sup, bro?"  The last one was more interesting: a message from Dallas tight end
Jason Witten.  "Got something you want" was all it said. 

Jared smiled.  He and Jason had met at the 2007 Pro Bowl.  During the game, Jason was
repeatedly brought in to block to help keep Jared from getting to Peyton Manning.  Jared
didn't know what it was, but he sensed something was up through the trash talking the big
Texan was throwing at him.  And when Witten risked a holding flag to cop a feel of Jared's
big package, Jared knew what was up.  They met up for drinks at a bar in Honolulu after all
the official shit was wrapped up.  They talked about their shared interests in hunting,
fishing, and generally being a redneck.  Jared had been hot for the big TE from the first
time he saw him as a rookie in 2003.  The were both 6'5", both about 260, and Jared noticed
from the start that they both had hot round well-muscled asses.  When Witten suggested they
take a walk on the beach around 2:00 in the morning, Jared was more they happy.  They ended
up flip fucking in the sand for about an hour and a half.  It was one of Jared's hottest
memories, but Witten had never said anything about it again.  Before this recent QB scheme,
Witten was the hottest football player Jared had bedded, and he would regularly shoot huge
creamy loads all over himself remembering Jason's cut nine inch cock plowing into his ass
as the waves crashed in the warm Hawaiian air and as Jared's own load was still dripping
out of Jason's beautiful ass. 

"That's an understatement ;)" Jared texted back, as he started his car and headed toward
the Metrodome, his cock hard once again.

* * * * * * *

Jared couldn't concentrate during the team meeting, and his thoughts kept going back to
Jason's text. 

"What the hell could he be talking about?" thought Jared over and over again.  The two had
barely spoken since that night in Hawaii.  For the last three years, even at the Pro Bowl,
Jason always gave Jared a warm welcome, and chatted with him.  But they were never alone,
and Jason never suggested he was up for getting together again.  Sure Jared had tried to
get his attention in the shower at the Pro Bowl, but Jason's big meat never twitched, and
he never sent any signal he was interested.

In the locker room, the Vikings were getting ready to take the field for warm ups.  Guys
were going through their pregame rituals and playing grab ass. Jared, as usual---and
because he woke up too late this morning---took a shower.  As he stepped into the shower to
get ready, Adrian Peterson, Heath Farwell, and Chad Greenway were giving Favre a hard time.
 Peterson was covered from head to toe in soap, and was soaping his crotch, while laughing

"I mean really!" He laughed. "It's like a snow-covered forest down there!"  The two
linebackers laughed along with Peterson, as they looked at Favre's ass covered in white

"Fuck you, assholes," shot Favre, as he rinsed the soap off his body.  "You'll be here some
day you little bitches.  You'll get all these white hairs and all these fucking wrinkles" 
He gave the group a cocky grin.

"Not me," smiled Peterson as he spread the lather over his hard ass.  "Didn't you know? 
Black don't crack."  Favre laughed with the others at this.  "I'm going to have this
smooth-ass skin until the day I die.  Hell, I'm forty-eight right now!"

"Fuck you, Peterson," drawled Favre.  "I don't care how smooth your fucking skin is, you'll
never have this cock."  With that, Favre wrapped his hands around his package, and started
twirling his big meat like a helicopter. Jared looked over from his own shower, and felt a
twitch as he watched Favre's big cock swing around and fill with blood.  Favre was just
fucking around now, but Jared remembered the first time Favre had stepped into the showers.
 Jared practically had to roll his tongue back up into his mouth.  He'd always had the hots
for the bad boy redneck, and here was a childhood hero, naked, hot, and in the flesh. His
hair now gray, but his face still gorgeous, his body still sexy, and that cock having not
changed a bit. 

Jared had jerked off for weeks imagining sucking Favre's hot daddy cock, feeling Favre's
gray stubble scratching against Jared's balls, and getting Favre's big cock buried up his
ass.  He still did from time to time. 

Jared's thought were interrupted by Peterson's response to Favre's fooling around.  The
built linebackers had finished their shower, and it was just Peterson and Favre. 
"Well maybe you'll have to show me what it can do sometime," Peterson said quietly while
looking at nothing in particular, almost as though he was scared to say it and didn't want
to say it out loud.

"Can do, boy," said Favre with a grin. "We'll have to figure something out."  Favre turned
off his water, and strode out of the shower, slapping Peterson on the ass as he passed. 
The perfectly built Peterson finished up his shower, facing the wall.  Jared looked over
his shoulder and could see that Peterson was hard as a rock and furiously stroking his
thick black monster, clearly trying to dump his load so he could focus on the game.
"Fuck," thought Jared to himself.  "When did everyone in the NFL turn fucking gay?"  Jared
tried to get himself focused on the task at hand, but he was clearly distracted. He needed
to get his head in the game.  He had to sack Romo.  He had to get that ass.  He had to see
if he was packing everything it looked he was packing.  As Jared thought about Romo as the
water washed over him, he could feel himself getting in the zone for the game.

* * * * * * *

As the game got underway, Jared's distraction quickly melted away.  He remembered exactly
why he set out on his mission to fuck his NFL QB opponents: they were fucking assholes. 
Romo was no exception.  Sure he was sexy, had an adorable smile, a hot body, a nice ass,
and a sizeable bulge in his uniform, but he was a total asshole and completely full of

Before every snap, Romo was yelling at his offensive line.  He was yelling at his
receivers.  He was whining into his headset about the plays being called.  He bitched about
misrun routes, and he complained about dropped balls.
"Why do you keep doing this to me?" he whined to Miles Austin after a particularly bad

"What a douche," thought Jared to himself as he remembered Romo's spectacular record of
post-season fuck ups. "Those were your fault, asshole."  Apparently he wasn't the only one
thinking this, because Jared could hear the linemen muttering under their breath about the
tantrum-throwing QB.

On the next snap, Jared felt like the linemen who had just been muttering weren't trying to
block him at all.  He broke through and had a line on Romo.

"Fuck!" shouted Romo as he saw the big Viking bearing down on him.  He dumped a quick pass
off into the flat just as Jared took him down.

"Why can't anyone block for me?" shouted Romo as Jared lay on top of him.  "Why to these
assholes keep doing this to me? I can't win the game if I'm on the ground."  Jared rolled
his eyes, and headed back to the defensive huddle.  He could hear Romo shouting into his
headset about the lack of protection. 

"Get me some fucking help with blocking these fuckers!" Romo shouted into the headset.  As
Jared lined up, for the first time all game he saw something familiar lined up across from
him.  Coach Phillips had sent Jason Witten in to block on the right side.

"Oh shit," said Jared jokingly as Jason got set across from him, "they're sending you to
block?  Might as well just down the ball eight yards back."

"Fuck you, you dumb piece of shit," replied Jason chuckling quietly.  When the ball was
snap, Jason and the right tackle manhandled Jared, and he couldn't get anywhere.  But he
thought he felt a hand grab an ass cheek when he tried to spin out.

"Coppin' a feel fag?" joked Jared to Jason as they lined up for the next play. Jared could
hear Romo shouting at the offensive line that Witten was the only one who could block.
"You wish," snorted Jason as the next play started.  Jared was focused on getting past both
Witten and the RT, but he missed Witten sliding out for a quick reception.  Jason broke two
tackles and picked up eight yards on the play.

"See?" joked Jason as he lined up for the next play, "get you gay boys all distracted with
some grab ass and you forget what's going on."
"Fuck you."

"Yeah, you wish," said Jason, and he held Jared's eyes as they were set for the snap.
Jared's cock stirred, but he didn't let it distract him.  He knew Jason wasn't fully paying
attention, so he cut inside as soon as the ball was snapped, and once Jared was past him,
Jason reached out and wrapped one arm around Jared's waist, and reached the other up
between his legs and grabbed at his sizable bulge.  Unlike the Pro Bowl, in a regular
season game this was holding, and Witten got flagged. He saved the sack, but Dallas lost
the yards anyway.

"You dumb ass," screamed Romo at Jason back in the huddle.  "You're supposed to block, not
lose us yards with bull shit penalties after you've already blown your assignment! Who the
fuck let you on the field?  How the fuck am I supposed to win this game for us with shit
for brains blockers in front of me."  Romo kept shouting at Witten as they broke the
huddle, and Witten got set across from Jared.

"The text message I sent you," said Jason to Jared.

"Yeah?" Jared asked with excitement clearly audible in his voice.

"I've got what you want.  10:00 p.m.  Visitor's locker room."  The ball was snapped, and
instead of blocking, Jason just stepped to the side.  Jared had a wide open shot at Romo,
and clearly none of his receivers were open. 

"Oh shit, not again!" cried Romo as he tried to step back and avoid Allen's rush.  Jared
was already in the air, and he reached toward the retreating Romo with one of his long
arms.  Jared got a fist full of jersey as Romo backpedalled, and that anchor swung Jared
around to wrap up Romo.  Romo was desperately looking for an open man, as Jared wrapped
both his arms around Romo's waist and dragged him to the ground, Jared's helmet pressed
right against Romo's crotch.  As Romo dropped to the ground, Jared thought he saw the
outline of a big thick cock, and his mouth involuntarily watered at the thought of what he
was now going to do. 

"Why me?" whined Romo as Jared unwrapped himself and started mentally preparing for the
next time he was that close to Romo's crotch. 

"Because you're an asshole," spat Jared as he walked back to his side of the line of
scrimmage.  Jason was walking back to his huddle, and as he was passing Jared he put an arm
in the middle of his chest.

"10:00," he said to Jared, and then let go. 

* * * * * * *

The Vikings won the game easily, and Jared actually managed to get two more sacks before
the game was out.  By any measure of the rules of this game he was playing, Jared was more
than entitled to plant himself balls deep in Tony Romo's tight hole.

The Vikings locker room was relaxed and happy after the win.  Jared's teammates were
talking to the press and going through their post game rituals.  He chatted with the press,
and went to take a shower.  Jared stood under the water for a while and tried to figure out
how exactly he was supposed to get Romo alone to carry out his plan.  After the unvarnished
success of Operation Fuck Tom Brady, Jared was high on adrenaline and forgot to discreet
make inquiries with the gay NFLers about Romo's ritual.  And the Cowboys were the visitors
and likely to leave town either late tonight or first thing on Monday morning.  He figured
he would sort of hang out outside the visitors locker room just like he did last week at
Gilette Stadium.  Maybe he'd get some inspiration.

With really no idea how he was going to make this happen, Jared turned off his water, and
left the shower.  On his way out, he passed Favre and Peterson showering next to each other.

 And very close to each other.  Jared was distracted about Romo, and barely noticed. He
went to his locker, threw on some clothes and headed out to the tunnel. 

There were still some press loitering in the hall as players filtered out, and Jared was
cornered by a reporter he knew from the local paper.  Jared was in no mood to talk, but he
knew he was well-liked in the Twin Cities, so he was cordial and answered the reporters
questions.  In the middle of an answer, something caught Jared's eye, and he looked up just
in time to see Romo dressed and headed up the tunnel.  Romo was leaving!  Jared didn't know
what the hell he was supposed to do, but his heart sank at the thought that he missed his

He wrapped up the interview and hurried up the tunnel in the hopes he could see where Romo
had gone.  But by the time Jared was out in the open air, the Cowboys team bus was gone. 
He saw no sign of Romo---or, for that matter, Witten.  Unsure of his next step, Jared went
back into the Metrodome, figuring he'd poke around the visitors locker room in case Witten
was still there. 

The Cowboys locker room was all but empty.  Some straggling players were still getting
dressed, and a couple of dinged up Cowboys were getting attention in the therapy rooms. 
There was no sign of Romo or Witten.

Jared was pissed.  How could he screw up his big plan in just the second week?  He went to
his car, got in and turned up the radio, and drove home cursing the fact that he had fucked
it up.  He figured he'd go home and start figuring out how he would get back on track next
week against the Giants.  Just as he was starting to feel better about things, he noticed
his cell phone was flashing. 

"10:00" was all the text message from Jason said.  Suddenly Jared was feeling much better
about things.

* * * * * * *

Jared had long fantasized about another hot fuck session with Jason, and he was thrilled
that he was going to get the chance tonight.  He was still disappointed that he couldn't
fuck Romo, but the thought of Witten's huge frame, and huge cut cock, and hard muscled ass
was more than enough to compensate. It was all Jared could to do keep from jerking off all
evening, as he sat around watching the clock.  When it was finally 9:00, Jared pulled on a
clean jock, a pair of mesh shorts, and a Vikings t shirt, and drove over to the stadium.
The Metrodome was all but a ghost town when Jared arrived.  The game had ended at 3:00, and
the only cars in the lot belonged to the crews that clean the stadium.  A stray equipment
truck from the network was packing up the last few coils of cable.  The player's entrance
was dark, but the security guard was there, watching the Sunday night game.  He
distractedly waved Jared in. 

The halls were dark as Jared headed to the visitor's locker room.  He pushed the door open,
and there were hardly any lights on. 

"Jason?" asked Jared expectantly, but there was no answer.  "Hello?"  No one answered. 
Jared walked into the main locker area and saw that the Cowboys equipment crew had
apparently already been through.  The taped labels were torn down, and not a piece of
equipment was to be found.  Jared wound his away through the tables and chairs, and headed
deeper into the other parts of the locker room.

Remembering his great good fortune last week, he checked the film room.  Nothing there. 
The therapy rooms, with their body-sized tables, were empty.  No lights were on in the
coaches' offices.  Jared could, however, hear what sounded like water.  The showers!
Jared headed toward the bathroom.  In the front area, by the sinks and stalls, the mirrors
were all fogged over with the steamy air.  Clearly someone had been running the showers for
a while.  It was hot and sticky.  Jared's shirt started sticking to his broad shoulders and
chest as he explored the area.  The stalls were all empty, and there was no sign of anyone
in this part of the room.
Jared peered around the wall into the showers, but it was hard to see with the steam and
the low lighting.  Jared's cock gave a jump as he realized he could hear whispers coming
from somewhere in the showers.  He couldn't even see shapes in the steam, but there was
definitely something going on in the back.

"Jason?" asked Jared quietly.  The whispers stopped.  Jared didn't know what to think. 
Jason told him to be here at 10:00.  Here was Jared, in the locker room, at 10:00, but
there was no sign of Jason.  When he tried to get the attention of whoever was in the
showers, they were startled and shut up.  Jared waited for a few minutes, unsure of his
next step, when he heard the noise start back up from back in the showers.
"Fuck it," thought Jared.  Jason told me to be here, I'm going to be here.  He peeled off
his now damp shirt, slipped out of his flip flops and yanked down his shorts. With just his
jock on, he stepped into the showers of the Cowboy's locker room, his heart racing, and his
mind hoping that Jason Witten was waiting at the far end.
"Mmmnh. . . yeah . . . oh yeah . . . fu-u-u-u-ck yeah," heard Jared as got about halfway
across the steam-filled shower room.  His cock started to swell at the unmistakeable sound
of sex. 

"I knew you wouldn't fuck me over, Jason," he thought as he walked a little more
confidently toward the noises.

"Yeah, like that," said the same voice more forcefully.  "Give me that big Romo cock, you
stud."  Jared stopped short.

"No shit!  It's Romo!" he thought to himself.  "Jason really isn't fucking me over.  And is
Jason getting fucked by Romo?" wondered Jared.  If so great, but that also didn't seem like
Jason, from what he remembered. Jason liked thick redneck boys like Jared, not Hollywood
pretty boys like Romo.  Jared, for his part, couldn't give a rats ass: a hot cock and ass
is a hot cock and ass.  You don't have to marry them, just have fun with them.

"Yeah, boy," said another voice, "you like that fat cock don't you?  I'm the only one who
can give it to you like you like it, aren't I?  You need me to feel satisfied, don't you?" 
"Alright," thought Jared, "that's Romo, alright.  But who's he fucking."

"Yeah, I need it you stud," said the second, higher-pitched voice.  "I want nothing more
than to get fucked by your fat QB cock.  Give it to me all night long.  I just want to
please you."  Jared stepped closer and realized the guy getting fucked---and fucked pretty
well from what he could see---was smaller and more slightly built. 

"That's right, Shaun," said Romo, "tell me how you need me." Jared still wasn't sure who
the hell was getting fucked, as he stepped ever closer to the two whose backs were turned
away from him.  He was getting hard from the scene, and his jock was bulging.  But he
didn't know who the hell Romo was fucking.  He didn't really care, either.  Romo was hot,
and this view of his muscular ass pounding the smaller man was actually pretty fucking hot.

Jared decided to take a moment to enjoy the view.  He leaned against the wall and lazily
played with a nipple while he stroked his growing, jock-covered cock.  As he played with
himself, he was quickly too big for the jock, and he pulled his thick eight and a half inch
cock out of the side of his jock and casually stroked it while tweaking himself.  Jared
loved to look at his thick veiny cock poking out of a jock, and that's exactly what he was
doing when Romo and his bottom changed positions.

"What the fuck?" screamed the bottom, as he leaped up from the floor where he was getting
ready to get fucked by Romo doggie style.  Jared was startled but tried his best to play it
cool---as cool as you could be when you were caught in a jockstrap with your hard cock out
jerking off in a supposedly private shower where you were secretly watching two
professional athletes fuck.

"Just 'cause it's the visitors locker room doesn't mean the home team's not welcome," said
Jared with a rasp.  When the line was halfway out, he knew it was ridiculous, but he didn't
know what the hell else to say.  It also gave him a chance to get a look at the bottom.  It
was Shaun Suisham, the Cowboy's baby-faced kicker.  Jared knew him as the Redskins kicker
who was released after blowing the Saints game.  He was five inches shorter than Jared, but
he had a nice body, and a really cute face that looked much younger than his 28 years. His
thin, short dick had wilted at the interruption.  Jared had jerked off thinking about
fucking the pretty boy more than once.  What a pleasant surprise. . .

"What the fuck?" repeated Shaun. "What kind of bullshit line is that?  You're some creep
who sneaks into the other team's locker room after hours and then jerks off watching two
gay guys fuck?"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," said Romo.  "We're not 'two gay guys,' dude.  This little fag loves to
get fucked, and strokes my ego, so I give it to him from time to time.  Don't get the wrong

"Don't worry, Romo," said Jared, finding his stride as Suisham shot a hurt look Romo's way,
"I get it.  You didn't look gay at all with that hard cock of yours plunging in and out of
his ass a few minutes ago." 

"Fuck you," spat Romo.  "You don't know what you're talking about.  I'm not gay.  I just
like to get served by the kicker.  That's all.  And besides, what the fuck are you going to
do about it?"

"I figured I could join in," said Jared striding forward.  He had three inches and at least
thirty pounds on Romo, and he looked almost half again as big as Suisham.  "I figured you
boys wouldn't mind."

Suisham responded first---and enthusiastically.  "Not at all," he said, his cock already
hard again.

"Sure," smiled Romo, "you can help Shaun serve me."  Romo started stroking his cock in the
shower stream as Shaun dropped to his knees and dove toward Romo's nuts.  Jared got his
first glimpse of the cock he saw a suggestion of earlier in the day.  Romo's quickly
hardening uncut cock was almost as thick as Jared's, and at least eight inches long.  On
Romo's slightly smaller frame, it looked about as big as Jared's, and the sight of the sexy
kicker on his knees with Romo's big nuts in his mouth as Romo worked his dick was enough to
get Jared's cock back to full mast. 

Jared dropped to his knees, and pushed Romo's hand out of the way.  He wrapped a big hand
around Romo's meat, and pulled the foreskin up over the head of Romo's cock.  Jared stuck
out his tongue and ran it under the loose foreskin all around Romo's cock head, the water
of the shower cascading down Romo's hot body and onto his fat cock.  Romo let out a long
moan as Jared's tongue did its work, and Jared felt Shaun's wet hair pressed against his
chest as the blond bottom tongued Romo's heavy nuts. Romo was clearly loving this, and
Jared could feel Romo's cock pulsing in his hand as it got harder and harder.

Jared happily relaxed his hand and drew back the foreskin revealing Romo's big red cock
head.  Jared opened wide, and took the fat meat into his mouth.  Romo's head was wet from
the shower, but Jared could taste the sweetness of what had to be precum.  It got Jared
rock hard, and he pulled his cock and big heavy nuts out from under the restraint of his
jock.  Jared jerked his fat dick as he tongued Romo's piss slit and tasted the sweet
precum.  Shaun was still working on Romo's nuts as Jared started easing his way down Romo's
shaft.  Romo let out a long low sigh as Jared took inch after inch into his expert throat.
In no time, Jared had his goatee pressed into Romo's pubes, and eight inches of fat, uncut
superstar cock wedged in his throat.  Jared could feel Shaun's tongue run across his neck
and goatee as the smaller man kept working over Romo's nuts.

"God damn, that's a hot fucking mouth, Allen," said a nearly breathless Romo. "You suck all
the boys' cocks that well, or do I just turn you on that much?"  Jared let Romo talk to
himself, and settled into giving the hot QB as good a blow job as he knew how.  Shaun,
meanwhile, had abandoned Romo's nuts, and was trying to deep throat Jared's big cock. 
Shaun's mouth was wet and hot, but he couldn't swallow anywhere near all of Jared's big
"Shaun!" barked Romo when he noticed that Jared was getting his cock sucked. "Get back here
and eat my ass!"  Shaun dutifully rose to his feet, walked behind Romo, and dove between
his muscular cheeks.  "Oh fuck yeah, that's it," sigh Romo.

Jared was on his knees in front of Romo, sucking away, and actually loving the feeling of
this big pretty cock plunging down his throat.  Apparently tired of standing, Romo pulled
his dick out of Jared's throat, and dropped to his knees.

"Get on all fours and serve me, Allen," said Romo, lazily pulling his foreskin back and
forth over his cock.  "Let me see that jock strapped ass of yours while you suck me.  I
might want to fuck you later."  Jared got on all fours in front of Romo, and went back to
sucking his cock, assuming Shaun was still behind Romo, tonguing his hole. Romo reached
down Jared's strong, well-muscled back, and grabbed the waistband of the jock. With his
cock in Jared's mouth, he pulled the waistband toward him, pulling Jared's mouth toward
him.  "Fuck yeah, take that cock," said Romo as he used Jared's jock as a handle to impale
the Viking stud on his big cock.  Jared could taste precum in his mouth as Romo pulled him
back and forth, so clearly he was in heaven.  Jared just needed to figure out how to turn
the tables on a Romo who clearly thought he was going to be fucking.

Romo let go of the waistband, and reached down to slap Jared's muscled ass cheeks.  Jared
loved it.  He always liked getting spanked a little before he bottomed, but he wasn't going
to take Romo's dick today.  Despite himself, he was getting more turned on as Romo kept
slapping his ass.

"Nice, big round jock ass, Allen.  I bet you've got a hot hole that my dick would feel
great in."  Jared ignored it, even though he was really getting turned on by the idea.
Suddenly, Romo's hand was replaced by two hands that spread apart Jared's ass. "That's
right," said Romo, "dive in there and get it ready for me."  Jared figured that Shaun had
moved around from Romo's ass--it was always hard to rim someone who was kneeling.

Shaun was rimming the hell out of Jared's hole.  Jared still had a mouthful of Romo's big
uncut cock and was loving the chance to get in his pants, and now he was in ecstasy at the
amazing rimming he was getting from the Cowboy's kicker.  Shaun slapped his hands on
Jared's cheeks and spread them apart, running his broad flat tongue from the base of
Jared's nuts all the way up his crack.  Then he would dive toward Jared's twitching hole
and lick over and over again to get it wet.  With his one free hand, Jared was furiously
jerking his big dick as the rim job got more and more intense.  When Jared felt Shaun's
tongue open him up and slide in Jared thought he was going to cum.  He was moaning on
Romo's cock the whole time.

"I think he likes it," said Romo, "his moans are like a vibrator on my cock."  Jared moaned
appreciatively in response and went down to work on Romo's big nuts.  Jared took the
mouthful of one nut and rolled it around as Shaun kept working on his hole.  Jared was
jerking his cock and his heavy nuts bounced against the base of the jockstrap.
"Damn, your ass looks so good in this jock," said a voice Jason wasn't expecting to be
behind him.  As he thought about the voice, he noticed that from down at Romo's nuts, he
could see that Shaun was still behind Romo working his hole.  Then who the fuck was . . .

Jared's thoughts were cut short by the unmistakeable feeling of a bare fat cock resting
against his hole.  The cock teased Jared's wet hole, and then ran up and down Jared's
crack.  It was clearly huge.  He dropped Romo's nut out of his mouth, and looked over his
shoulder to see Jason Witten wet and naked and hard with this cock wedged in Jared ass.
"Surprise, shit for brains," said Jason with a smile, as he lined his cock up against
Jared's hole.  Romo laughed and grabbed Jared's cock.

"You've got a job to do," said Romo as he started deeply face fucking Jared.  At the same
time, Jared felt Witten push his fat dick against Jared's hole.
"Damn," thought Jared to himself, "this is already better than Hawaii.  Why the fuck didn't
I come up with this plan years ago?"  As he hit himself for his stupidity in not thinking
of this sooner, Jared was treated to the sensation of a beer can thick nine inch cock
slowly pushing into his hole.  Jared was delirious with pleasure as the 6'5" tight end slid
into his hole. 

"I've been thinking about this ass ever since that night in 2007," said Jason once he was
balls deep in Jared's hole. "Too bad you never tried to get together again." 
"Fuck this," though Jared.  "I just want to get fucked again, enough with this feelings

"Fuck that," said Romo aloud.  "Just fuck him, and let's get to business."  Romo pulled his
cock out of Jared's mouth and stood up.  "Get on all fours and give me your ass," he told
Shaun.  The kicker got on all fours facing the much larger Vikings stud, and Romo kneeled
behind him.  Jared felt Jason start thrusting, and his cock was now leaking a steady stream
of precum, despite the fact that Jared hadn't touched in for minutes. 

"Yeah, stud, give me that big cock," said Jared as the massive tight end plugged Jared's
hole with his equally massive cock. 

"Take that cock, bitch," said Romo as he plunged balls deep into Suisham.  Jared's face was
just about six inches from the kicker, and he was turned on watching it contort as he took
Romo's big cock up his ass.  Witten was plunging deep and rhythmically, just the way Jared
liked it, but Romo was pounding the hell out of poor Suisham.  Shaun was letting out a
high-pitched moan with each thrust, and Jared had to admit that Romo was a sexy stud back
there fucking the smaller man. As Romo thrust, Shaun kept inching forward, and before long,
his face was right against Jared's.  The two started making out while Witten tore into
Jared's ass, and Romo fucked Suisham.

"God damn this ass is too fucking tight for me," said Witten breathlessly as Jared felt him
stiff and slow down his thrusts.
"Fuck yeah, stud, give me that load," said Jared as he backed onto Witten's fat dick. 
Jared almost came as he listened to Witten's gasps and felt his monster cock pulse and drop
eight thick shots of hot cum nine inches deep into Jared.  Witten pulled out with an
audible pop, and Jared relished the feeling of Jason's hot load dripping out of his hole. 
"Come on, Romo," said Jared with a sudden idea, "why are you doing all the work?  Lie down
and make your bitch fuck himself on your cock."
"Good fucking question, Allen," said Romo, as he stopped fucking Suisham mid thrust. 
Witten was now on his feet and moving around Jared, his cock looking slimy and delicious as
it deflated.  "Get up and fuck yourself on my big cock," ordered Romo.

Witten and Jared shared a look---and a smile---as Romo lay down on the tile, withdrew his
foreskin, and stood his fat dick straight up in the air. 

"Here," volunteered Witten, "let us help."  Jared and Witten each took a shoulder, as they
helped guide the eager blond bottom down onto Romo's cock.  Jared's cock was so hard it
was almost purple, and Witten's big meat was hanging soft but still full size.  The two big
studs held onto Suisham's shoulders and lifted him up and down to impale him on Romo's big
cock.  The two caught each other's eyes, and exchanged a deep kiss, as Romo shouted
encouragement at the human fuck toy that was his.  When they broke the kiss, Jared looked
down at the scene below him.

"Romo, you're still thrusting.  You need to let this bottom bitch do all the work.  We'll
help."  Jared and Witten let go of Suisham, who got his feet under himself and started
bouncing up and down on Romo's big cock.  Suisham's five inch cock was rock hard, and he
stroked it furiously as he took the fat eight inches deep inside him over and over again. 
Jared went down to Romo's legs, and put his weight on the QB's knees. 
"Don't use your legs," he said to Romo.  "Just lie there and let him get you off with his

"And don't use your arms either," said Witten, getting the hint. He dropped to his knees
and put his strong hands on Romo's shoulders.

"Yeah, stud," said Suisham, obviously enjoying the attention, "let my ass drain your
"This'll take forever, guys.  I know you two just had your big moment over there, but I
still need to shoot," protested Romo.

"Just give it a shot," said Jared. 

"But I'm ready to cum.  If I fuck him, it won't take long at all."  Witten looked down at
the hot QB's face, and his cock started to stir again.

"Here, suck on this and shut up," said Witten, jamming his fat dick down Romo's throat. 
Romo tried to protest, but he couldn't say anything clearly with the beer can thick cock in
his mouth.

"Don't do that," gasped Suisham, "Anthony's not gay.  He just likes to get served. He won't
like that at all."

"Dude, watch your cock," said Jared with genuine concern, "you need that.  Asshole might
bite you."

"Good idea," said Witten, as he withdrew his fat hog from Romo's mouth.

"You assholes," cried Romo when the big dick was out of his mouth.  But it was the last
thing he got out.

"This'll work much better," said Witten as he lowered his beefy ass onto Romo's face. 
"Lick my hole, Romo."  Jared could hear Romo trying to say something, but it was muffled. 
Jared had to admit he was a little jealous.  He would love to be on either end of that
arrangement.  "I think you have something you need to do, don't you?" said Witten with a
smile on his face.

"You knew!" said Jared, lightbulbs suddenly going off in his head.

"Welker," was all Witten said as he smiled broadly, satisfied at his day's work.  "He told
me about last week.  I figured I'd be happy to help you put this arrogant piece of shit in
his place.  I knew he used Suisham, and I'd once used Suisham myself.  I knew they both
knew about me. I tipped you off, and gave up the sack.  Figured it would be good for you,
good for Romo, good for the team.  And I thought I might get to plow you out of the whole
deal."  Witten couldn't have looked prouder of himself.  Having overheard everything, Romo
was now talking louder into Witten's beefy ass.  "You should take your chance now," said
Witten to Jared.  "Get off him, Shaun."

Jared's cock spurted some precum as he saw Romo's cock plop out of the kicker's tight
smooth hole.  Romo was still hard as a rock, despite being pinned down by his own tight end
and forced to get a face full of ass for the first time in his life.  Romo tried to kick
his legs free of Jared's grasp but the defensive end was bigger and stronger, and---it
seemed to Jared---Romo wasn't really trying all that hard to break free.

Jared lifted Romo's legs up onto his shoulders, and felt down to Romo's crack.  His hole
was still slick with Shaun's spit from earlier.  Jared could hear Romo's moans increase as
he bent the QB's legs back and settled in between.  Jared looked down and saw a pool of
precum on Romo's hard stomach where his cock head was rubbing against his hair.  Romo's big
balls were large and loose and filled the space between the stud's muscular legs.  Jared
lined up his big cock with Romo's hole, and pushed it slowly in with the kicker's spit for

Romo was gasping into Witten's ass, which apparently felt great, because Witten's big dick
was hard again. 

"Give it to him," said Witten.  And Jared pushed his dick all the way into Romo's tight
hole.  Jared could tell from how tight Romo was that he had never been fucked before. 
Jared slowly pulled half of his fat dick out and spit down on it to help lube things up. 
He pushed back in and it felt a little better.  Jared's face was right by Witten's as he
settled his balls against Romo's ass.  He leaned in and deeply tongue kissed the big tight
end as he started gently thrusting into Romo's hole.  Jared slowly built up speed and
started plunging more of his eight and a half inches deep into Romo while he passionately
made out with Jason. After a couple of minutes, Jason pulled away.

"Fuck, dude," said Jason with a look of astonishment on his face, "Romo's rimming me!  He's
actually tonguing my hole."  Jared just laughed and flexed his cock deep in Romo's ass. 
Jason got up of Romo, and he and Jared both smiled when they saw the look of contorted
pleasure on Romo's face as Jared plunged in and out of his hole. "Come here, Shaun," said
Jason, as he stroked his newly hard cock.  Shaun stepped over and bent over.  Jason stood
away from Jared fucking Romo, facing Jared.  Shaun bent over, grabbed his knees, and let
Jason start fucking him.

Romo was thrashing his head back and forth and moaning as Jared kept thrusting deep inside
him. "Fuck yeah, Allen.  Give me that big cock.  Make me your bitch you big stud," shouted
Romo, clearly loving his first good fuck.

"Oh shit," said Shaun as Jason forced his nine inch monster deep inside him.  Jared kept
his eyes on Jason as the huge tight end flexed every muscle in his body as he fucked the
hell out of the smaller kicker. 

"You ready for my load, Romo?" asked Jared, his breath quickening as he watched the stud
Witten fuck Shaun. 

"Oh shit!" cried Shaun suddenly as he started to cum.  Jared knew how good Jason's cock
felt, so he wasn't surprised Shaun didn't last.  Shaun's little cock started spewing a
fountain of cum down onto Romo's face. 

"Oh fuck," cried Romo as the kicker's cum rained down on him and Jared kept pounding away. 
"Fuck yeah, give me your seed," he said as he licked around his lips, hungry for every drop
of cum he could get.  Jason pulled out of the spent Shaun, and dropped to his knees in over
Romo's head.  He dropped his nuts into Romo's now eager mouth as he started jerking his
cock furiously. 

"You dump in his ass, and I'll feed him," said Jason to a nearly spent Jared. 
"Fuck yeah, studs, give me your loads," said Romo.  Romo was now moaning "oh fuck" over and
over again as he was driven wild by Jason's big nuts over his tongue, Jared's big cock
almost nine inches up his ass, and his own cock on the verge of cumming on his hairy

Jason came first, with a body-shaking orgasm that dumped several thick white ropes of cum
all over Romo's face.  Jared gave one last deep thrust into Romo, let out a scream, and
dumped an enormous load into the gut of the star QB.  When he tasted his tight end's load
and felt Jared's giant cock lodge itself and start cumming, Romo dropped his own load in a
pool on his stomach.  The three collapsed, breathless and spent.

"For the record," said Jared to the air, "you're the one who never tried to get together

* * * * * * *

Jared couldn't believe what was happening.  He was racking up sacks, he was fucking star
QBs, and he'd finally touched base with Witten again.  His life had never been better.  He
went home and slept like the dead, his cock hard most of the night with dreams reliving the
past week.  He woke up early the next morning to get started on getting ready for next
week's game against the Giants.

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  1. Oh god that was incredibly hot. Four hot men, rimming, blow jobs and hot fucking.

    Love how you turn the tables on Romo, and Jared. Oooh the Giants , that has to be fun.