These stories are about men having sex with other men. If you're not into that, then too bad for you. Because these stories are fake, no one in them has to worry about safety. And stopping the action to describe Tom Brady tearing open a condom packet, pinching the reservoir to avoid bubbles, etc., really fucks with the narrative flow. If you do this stuff in real life ALWAYS wear a condom and be safe.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saying Good-bye to Brady Quinn

Brady Quinn's arm collapsed under him with the force of the fucking he was getting.  His face mashed into the pillow on his king size bed, and his head started rhythmically bumping against the headboard.  He tried to ignore his discomfort, focusing instead on the fact that he had no idea when he'd again get a chance to feel this good, to get fucked this deeply and thoroughly.  One hand was between his legs, stroking his fat six inch cock; he had fallen onto the other.  He was propped up on that elbow, his hand straining to graze one of his nipples.  He was sweating, having been fucked already for ten minutes. He knew from experience he was probably going to get another half hour or so.  A jolt of pleasure coursed through him as he was smacked, hard on his smooth right ass cheek.

"Yeah, baby," said a deep sexy voice, "you like that, don't you?  I love how your big ass flexes when you get spanked."  Brady felt another smack, harder this time, and he let out an involuntary moan and, reflexively, flexed his hard muscular ass.  Brady pushed his arms back under himself, and looked down his torso.  He was on all fours, his massive smooth body was taut, freshly shaved, freshly worked out, and perfectly defined.  His massive pecs heaved with each plunging stroke into his ass, and his abs were tight, trying to balance Brady's big 6'4" frame against the powerful fucking abuse it was taking.  The only hair on his body, was the carefully trimmed bush at the base of Brady's fat six inch cock, which was totally hard and tightly flexed up against Brady's stomach.  His smooth nuts were tight against his body, resting between Brady's thick smooth legs.  As usual, Brady had shaved his legs that morning, and his massive quads, still sore from his morning workout, were straining to push back against the hard pounding his ass was taking.  Brady loved his body---he would admit, privately, that he was totally a narcissist 'you would be, too,' he would always say to himself as he watched himself in a mirror.  He felt another hard thwack against his backside, and watched his pecs tighten against the heave the most recent stroke had caused.  Between his legs, Brady could see two heavy, massive dark nuts swinging back and forth with the momentum of the fuck he was getting. 

Brady and LeBron James had first met in 2008. They were the two biggest stars in Cleveland, and Brady had been curious since he came to town to find out if LeBron was up for fucking him.  One night in 2008, Brady went over to his buddy Grady Sizemore's place for a party for local athletes.  LeBron was there, looking sexy in casual shorts and a tshirt.  Brady kept trying to catch a glimpse of what was swinging between his legs, but he couldn't get any intel.  After everyone had some food and a few drinks, Brady went to take a piss.  He wasn't paying attention and walked right into the bathroom while LeBron was taking a leak.  The 6'8" Cav stud had his shorts down and his huge black snake in his hand.  Brady tried to stammer an apology and back away, but he was entranced.  LeBron knew it, too.  He smiled and beckoned Brady to come in and close the door.  Brady soon met LeBron's massive eleven inch cut cock with its gorgeously shaped pink mushroom head and the huge nuts to match.  Brady was instantly hooked on LeBron from the first sight, and the long, deep fucking he got that night left him addicted.  Ever since, Brady did whatever was necessary to make sure he got fucked at least once every week by LeBron's big monster.

"Take that big cock, baby," said LeBron, licking his lips as he plunged the full eleven inch length of his cock in and out of Brady's hole.  "Milk my dick like you want it, bitch."  LeBron gave Brady another smack on his ass, leaving a massive hand-shaped red mark on the smooth skin.  Brady's ass clenched with the spank, and he could feel his ass tightening around the merciless invader. The room was silent, except for LeBron's talk, the occasional smack on Brady's ass, and the regular sound of LeBron's tight body ramming into Brady's firm ass, his heavy nuts bouncing against Brady's legs. Brady was in heaven, letting out a long low moan of pleasure as LeBron's cock pounded nearly a foot inside him and then left him empty and aching to be filled again.

Brady had done as LeBron liked.  He took a shower an hour before LeBron showed up, taking extra care to make sure he was completely clean.  Then he shaved his arms and legs like he did before a game.  Then he put on a tight pair of white briefs and nothing else.  The curtains were drawn in Brady's room, and the light from the adjoining bathroom was the only light in the room. Brady had stripped his comforter off the bed, leaving only the white sheets and pillows.  Brady opened his garage door, so LeBron wouldn't been seen coming in, turned off lights in the house, and then went to the bed and laid down on his stomach.  LeBron walked into the bedroom with a "yeah, baby" at the sight of the smooth impossibly well-muscled stud in his briefs and nothing else.  LeBron was in a wife beater and a pair of loose sweats, tied off so that they hung low on his muscular ass.  LeBron took a knee on the bed, and slapped Brady's ass.  LeBron loved how big and round the QB's muscle ass looked in the tiny white briefs.  He started stroking his big monster through his sweatpants as he caressed Brady's big muscle ass.  Brady looked over his shoulder, showing LeBron his perfect white teeth, and moaned appreciatively as LeBron's hands started running all over Brady's ass. 

"Damn, you're pretty, boy," said LeBron, getting up and walking toward Brady's head.  He pulled the muscular white boy up onto his knees, and Brady dove into LeBron's chest, running his tongue over LeBron's chest hair, as LeBron peeled off his wife beater. Brady worked his way down LeBron's tight, muscled stomach, bathing the taller man in his spit.  Brady dove his face into the crotch of LeBron's sweatpants, and tried to wrap his lips around LeBron's quickly hardening cock.  LeBron reached down Brady's body, and ran his hands under Brady's briefs.  He grabbed a fistful of Brady's hard ass, and Brady could feel his cock jump.  "Fuck, boy, I'm going to miss this ass when you leave." 

"Damn, LeBron, this ass is going to be lonely out in Denver," said Brady matter-of-factly.  "You'll have to give it one hell of a sendoff."  He peeled down LeBron's sweats, grabbed the fat monster by the base, barely able to wrap his big hands around the base.  He opened his mouth, and took four or five inches into his throat.  LeBron's cock throbbed as it quickly hardened.  LeBron had his hands down in Brady's crack, his thick fingers teasing around the warm hole.  He pulled his cock out of Brady's throat, and turned the football stud around, so he could see that big, beautiful ass.  LeBron pulled off the tight briefs, revealing the perfectly round, hard muscle ass that he had conquered.  With the briefs out of the way, LeBron dove into the smooth, hairless crack, and started tonguing Brady's hole.  Brady loved the way LeBron rimmed him, and the tall Cav had a massive, and powerful, tongue.  LeBron had Brady relaxed and opened up in no time, and had Brady ready to get fucked.

Now, almost twenty minutes into the fuck, LeBron was covered in sweat, and Brady wanted a better view.  Fortunately, LeBron was ready for a change.  "Roll over, boy," said LeBron, withdrawing his huge dick from Brady's gaping hole.  "Let me see that pretty face of yours."  LeBron's head popped out of Brady's hole, and he felt like he was gaping wide open after the pummeling his poor hole had taken.  Brady rolled onto his back, his cock still rockhard against his flat stomach.  His legs were shaking from the fucking he had taken, and it felt fantastic to finally take his weight off them. He stretched his massive arms up over his head, and felt his muscles relax.  LeBron moved onto the bed, and was stroking his cock while he watched his beautiful white fuck toy stretch himself out on the bed.  Brady loved how hot LeBron looked, LeBron's massive dick was rock hard and slick with lube and sweat and spit, having just plowed into the muscle stud.  LeBron's tattoos were glistening with sweat that was dripping down his face and collecting in the valleys of his cut, muscular torso.  His abs and pecs were heaving with each breath.  LeBron looked like such a stud, and Brady couldn't wait to drain his load out of his nuts.

Brady lifted his huge legs up towards his head, and LeBron moved into position, lining up his eleven inch monster with Brady's abused hole.  The head went in smoothly, and LeBron sharply inhaled at the pleasure.  Brady let out a moan of pleasure, and bore down, his ass ready to receive the big cock.  LeBron slid in, and Brady rolled his hips against the cock, trying to get it all in him.  Brady's whole body shivered as he felt LeBron's cock pass his prostate, about two-thirds of the way in.  From, the new position, LeBron could get even more of his big cock into Brady, and when Brady felt LeBron's heavy balls press against his ass, he was shocked at how much more of LeBron's cock was now inside.  LeBron saw that he was trying to get used to this new angle, and he pressed his weight against the QB's legs, pushing in as much as possible.  After a few seconds, Brady visibly relaxed, and LeBron went to work. LeBron had Brady's feet in his big hands, and used them to pull Brady's legs up and away from each other.  With his legs spread, LeBron had a bird's eye view of his fat black cock pumping in and out of Brady's hole.  Brady's cock was still rock hard, and LeBron saw that Brady's stomach was glistening with the precum he was leaking. 

Brady threw his head back in ecstasy as LeBron started pounding him seriously. He felt like he was being beaten up inside out, but as the fat shaft passed over and against his prostate over and over again, Brady felt his whole body suffuse with pleasure.  He was moaning loudly, the sound interrupted only by the involuntary hiccup caused by LeBron bottoming out balls deep with each thrust.  LeBron was breathing hard, and his heavy nuts were slapping with a wet thud against Brady's ass on each thrust.  LeBron's long body was fully flexed, as his arms supported Brady's big legs, LeBron's hips and legs were thrusting, and his torso heaved with the exertion.  LeBron's tongue was licking his upper lip as he focused on getting every last bit of pleasure from Brady's hole that he could.  Brady was doing his part by trying his best to clamp down on the big cock on the upstrokes and bear down on the downstrokes, but there was little he could do against the onslaught.  Even a tight, toned ass like Brady's was basically defenseless against eleven inches of thick black cock plunging as hard and fast as LeBron. 

Brady's prostate was working overtime with the pounding.  LeBron was deeper than anything Brady had ever felt before, and that pain mixed with the pleasure coming from his prostate to drive him wild.  Brady reached down, and ran his finger through the pool of precum on his smooth hard stomach, and brought it up to his lips.  The sweet taste filled his mouth, and he saw LeBron crack a smile at the sight of his little white fuck toy enjoying his own juice.  That smile was about all he could take.  It felt like LeBron was close, because he seemed-if it was possible-even bigger for the last few strokes, and Brady's prostate was finally finished.  Brady felt his whole body convulsing in pleasure as his orgasm started deep inside him.  He wasn't touching his cock at all, as it throbbed up from his stomach and his balls tightened into his body.  He was now moaning so loud he was practically shouting.  LeBron watched amazed, as the muscular stud's body started twitching all over, each muscle visibly flexing beyond Brady's control.  LeBron felt his balls start to tighten as Brady's ass spasmed around his thick hog.  He tried to keep fucking as long as possible, but he was done when he saw Brady's cock start spewing thick white cum all over the smooth mounds of Brady's hairless stomach and chest.  LeBron felt his cum churning inside him, and pulled his big cock out of Brady's cock with an audible pop.  Brady immediately dropped his legs around his stud top, and LeBron furiously beat his big cock as he started shooting cum up the length of the stud QB's body.  Brady's arms were over his head, as his cock finished dropping its load, and his own cum was quickly intermingled with the heavy spurts that LeBron was dropping all over him. When LeBron finally stopped spasming and stroking his cock and opened his eyes, Brady's stomach, cock, balls, quads, chest, and neck were laced with the two studs' thick loads. 

As always, LeBron caressed Brady's body while he slowly licked all the cum off his fuck toy.  LeBron knew he needed to plan a trip to Denver.

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