These stories are about men having sex with other men. If you're not into that, then too bad for you. Because these stories are fake, no one in them has to worry about safety. And stopping the action to describe Tom Brady tearing open a condom packet, pinching the reservoir to avoid bubbles, etc., really fucks with the narrative flow. If you do this stuff in real life ALWAYS wear a condom and be safe.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mauer's Reward

Joe Mauer was walking on air. Besides being the reigning MVP, batting champ, and Gold Glove catcher, Mauer just became a rich man.  Hell, he was already a rich man.  He just became a very rich man by signing a new, eight-year, $184 million contract that will let him keep playing for his hometown Twins.  Staying in Minnesota was a thrill.  The money had him delerious. 

Joe had just returned from the press conference announcing the deal, and had just gotten out of the shower.  The 6'5" stud dried himself, pulled on a loose pair of mesh shorts, and walked out into the great room of his house.  He flipped on the TV and sat down in front of his laptop at the dining table at the far end of the room.  As his laptop booted up, Sportscenter was on the TV covering his press conference.  Though he had been a star for several years, playing in Minnesota meant Joe was usually only mentioned during game highlights.  This contract---the fourth largest in MLB history---was going to make him a star.  Only Jeter and A-Rod were better paid, and Joe was now in their league.

He lauged to himself thinking about all the coverage he was getting, and lazily scratched his big nuts while he browsed the news online about his deal.  Mauer had just shaved his nuts, and they were always a little itchy right after.  He also thought they were more fun to play with.  Mauer was sitting on the front of the wooden dining chair, with this legs spread.  His thick soft cock was hanging off to the right, and his big nuts were loosely resting on the chair off to the left.  As he browsed the Internet with his right hand, his left disappeared under the table and started manipulating the loose, smooth skin of his big sack, relieving the itch.  Mauer loved the feeling of his smooth nuts, both how smooth his hot nuts felt in his hand and how great it felt on his balls.  The stimulation made blood start flowing towards his cock, and his soft cock started to inflate.

"You know," thought Mauer to himself, "I should treat myself."  Mauer had always been responsible with money, but this was something different.  He had made more than $10 million last year, but this was going to more than double that.  But he wasn't sure how to reward himself.  He loved his house, and it was perfect for him.  He had a great car, and didn't really want another.  He wasn't a clothes horse, and he didn't get into watches or jewelry.  Trying to come up with an idea, he reached his right hand up to scratch absentmindedly at his chest hair.  While doing so, he brushed his nipple a few times.  That made his cock twitch, and he looked down.  Without even realizing it, his cock was hanging out the right leg of his shorts.  It was still soft and hanging limp, but it had stretched out to at least eight inches of thick cut meat.  Joe smiled.  He knew what he was going to do for his reward.

The last time Mauer had been horned to fuck Grady Sizemore, the Indians hottie was busy.  One of Grady's bitches had leaked some racy pictures Grady had sent her.  The bitch didn't know that Grady had actually taken them for Joe, whose huge cock he loved to ride.  And, damn, if Joe didn't love dumping a load in Grady's hot ass. 

Grady and Joe were totally hot for each other.  Joe was in good shape, but he wasn't cut like Grady.  He just didn't have the genes for it.  He had a broad hairy chest, a well muscled back, tight fuzzy abs, a beautiful furry ass, and thick sturdy hairy legs, but he had never been able to get the kind of definition that Grady had.  Joe had three inches on the smooth, tight-bodied outfielder, and he loved playing with the smaller stud's almost hairless body.  Grady, for his part, had always lusted after guys with body hair.  Even though he was older than Joe, from the neck down, he looked like a kid next to him.  Grady loved having Joe lie on his back and play with his furry nipples while Grady impaled himself over and over on Mauer's monster nine inch cock.  Grady would press his smooth bubble ass down onto the stud catcher until his six inch cock coated Joe's hairy chest with his creamy load.  The two guys definitely had a good thing, and they fucked whenever they could.

But that last time, Grady was too nervous to come.  No one at all knew that the two guys were fucking, and Grady didn't want to have to explain anything while he was in the media spotlight over the photos.  So he tipped Joe off to a service he should use.  Grady said that when he was first in the league and was making near the minimum, he made extra money on this internet escort service for the super wealthy.  When Grady was a struggling rookie, he had more than doubled his salary with just a couple of nights with horny rich guys.  It was totally discreet, off the record, and very exclusive. 

In fact, Grady told him that a lot of athletes and celebrities--especially actors trying to get their careers off the ground--worked on the service to make extra money and meet influential people.  Grady had sent him a link, and a series of passwords, but it all seemed like a bunch of bullshit.  Mauer knew Grady was just pissing himself that the gay sex would hit the news, so he was making up anything that sounded at all reasonable. Well, Mauer didn't think it sounded reasonable, so he ignored it.

Now, however, with his new contract, and his quickly hardening cock, Joe thought he would give it a look.  He found the email and typed in the URL Grady had sent him.  It was one of the most complicated web addresses he had ever seen.  When he finally entered the address and pressed enter, a blank white page showed up asking for a name and password.  He put in what Grady had given him, and was taken to a page that said 'ERROR - Cannot Load Page."  Joe wasn't that surprised.  The whole thing seemed like a huge load of crap.  But looking again, Joe saw a blinking cursor at the bottom of the page.  Not knowing what else to do, he looked at the lengthy list of ids and passwords in Grady's email and entered the next.

The page that opened was unremarkable: it was just like any number of other escort sites Joe had used on the road before.  The guys were probably a little hotter than usual, but---he quickly noticed---the prices were much higher than he was used to.  These guys charged $10,000 to $50,000 per 'session,' however that was defined.  Joe couldn't believe anyone would pluck down that much money for these guys---certainly a stud athlete like Joe wasn't going to. He had no problem getting guys when he bothered to try, so he just kept clicking through, seeing if anything piqued his interest.

At the bottom of one page, there was a nondescript link called Red Elite.  In Grady's email there was a password preceded only by "RE-," which Joe figured must work for that section.  He clicked the link, entered the password and waited.  The next page that popped up said "Welcome to Red Elite.  Please furnish proof of ability to pay."  Underneath was a massive confidentiality statement that Mauer had to agree to.  Once he accepted the terms and conditions, he was taken to a page asking him to provide financial information.  Grady had told him it was serious and the celebs cost a lot, but this was a little weird.  
Nonetheless, Joe's still plump cock was getting excited that maybe this is for real.  No run-of-the-mill escort site asked for this kind of information.  Joe gathered the information requested, and entered it.  The next screen said "Verifying ability to pay. . . ."  It seemed to get stuck, because the site was taking several minutes to respond.  For a moment, Joe was worried he had just totally fucked up and given his financial information to a scam.  But then he was taken to a new page.

From a moment's glance, Joe could tell Red Elite was unlike anything he had ever seen before.  The main page grouped the available escorts by price range, by occupation (sports, television, film, music), by physical attributes, and by sexual interests.  A banner across the top read, "Welcome, Joe Mauer.  You are authorized to browse all price categories."  Joe first clicked on the $50,000 to $100,000 price range.  He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Here, for hire, were minor league baseball players, practice squad NFL players, struggling college athletes he sort of recognized but didn't know by name, and a lot of actors he thought he recognized but wasn't sure.  He knew some of the minor leaguers, but that was about it.  Then he started seeing people he remembered from old TV shows and crappy movies.  As the price went up, he started seeing current actors and current professional athletes.  In the $1,000,000 plus range, his mind was blown.  Joe could have his pick of star athletes, movie stars, television stars, you name it.  This was ridiculous.

As he scrolled through the list, Joe's cock stretched out to its full nine inches, and he stroked it through his shorts.  He was incredibly horned to see what it would be like to get these studs in his bed.  The challenge was making his pick.  His mind raced at the opportunities, but he kept going back to two guys.  The more he thought about them, the harder his cock got. 

"Aw fuck," he said out loud to himself at the point that he had a growing spot of precum soaking through his shorts, "what the hell."  Rather than have to pick, he splurged.  He ordered both of his choices.  Joe had never had a threesome, and he couldn't think of two better guys to do it with.  With his order placed, he worked his fat cock until his big nuts drew up to his body and he dropped a thick heavy load all over the fuzz on his stomach. 

* * * * * * *

The arrangements had been a bit more of a pain in the ass than he figured.  Then again, he was arranging to purchase two famous men for a night of personal pleasure.  That couldn't really be done easily.  It took a week for the finances to get straightened out in a way that wouldn't be traceable.  Then it took a week for Joe to hear back from RE about dates that worked for both studs.  Finally, one night while the Indians were in town and Grady was asleep in Joe's bed with three of Joe's loads still up his ass, Joe found the confirmation email in his inbox.  He had found out six days ago that they were coming tonight.

Joe had been nervous as soon as he saw the email.  He had spent so much money---really, a mind-blowing amount of money---and now he didn't know if it would be as hot as he hoped.  He found himself freaking out about petty bullshit like what to wear and how to arrange his house.  That morning, though, he knocked himself out of the panic.  Seeing Grady squirm on his big dick again right after waking up reminded him that he was a fucking stud.  It didn't matter what he wore or any bullshit like that.  He didn't need to impress these assholes.  He was famous like them, he had paid for the fun, and he had a huge cock.  They would figure it the fuck out.

On the big night, he was ready earlier than he needed to be.  For the last five days, Joe had worked desperately to keep from jacking off.  He wanted to be fully loaded for his big night.  He'd also worked out extra hard, and carefully groomed himself.  He shaved his nuts that morning, clipped some of his body hair, got a haircut, shaped his sideburns, shaved his face.  He took a long shower, and put on some cologne.  He pulled on some briefs, a pair of shorts, and a tank top, and he looked at the clock.  Fuck.  It was still three hours before they were supposed to get here.

He went down to his basement to chill for a bit.  Joe's basement was a big open room that he used as his home gym.  He had some weight equipment and a treadmill in one corner, a big exercise mat was next to it against the other corner, which was a floor-to-ceiling mirror.  At the other end of the room, he had a couple of chairs and a couch and a big screen tv.  He kept a dresser down here for most of his workout clothes, and he usually showered down here after he worked out.  The bathroom off the room had a big walk-in shower that was about a ten foot square.  There were heads on three of the walls.  Joe loved working his body, stretching it out, and then taking long, hot steamy showers afterward.  The oversize shower gave him plenty of room to stretch out his long frame---room that was often hard for the 6'5" stud to come by in standard sized showers. 

Next to the TV was a fridge that he kept full of water for when he was working out and beer for after his workouts. With time to kill, he grabbed a cold beer and flopped down on the couch.  He turned on the tube and settled in to kill some time.  Four beers later, it was still only two hours later, and Joe started to doze off.  He was startled awake by the doorbell. 

"Oh fuck!" he said, as he jumped off the couch and looked at the clock.  They had probably been ringing the bell for at least 10 minutes.  "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" said Joe as he tried to figure out what to do.  He breathed into his hand, realized he had sleep breath, and went to the bathroom for a toothbrush.  He went toward the door, brushing his teeth, and opened it.

"I was wondering if I had the wrong house, mate," said the man at the door.  There were supposed to be two, but he was the only person there.  Joe didn't mind, at this point.

"I'm -o -orry, Ben," said Joe as best as he could through his toothpaste.  "I fell ah-eep."  The big man outside smiled a crooked grin, and stepped inside.  Joe motioned him to follow, and Joe headed downstairs to spit out his toothpaste. 

Ben Cohen followed behind, carefully watching the taller man's body move as he led him downstairs.  Ben didn't know who Joe was, but when RE contacted him about the deal, he googled him.  Ben was immediately intrigued.  The rugby stud loved American guys, and the tall dark and handsome midwestern stud was right up his alley.  Ben had famously become a gay icon because he loved to show off his toned, massive furry body, but he was totally turned on at the idea of getting it on with his own big furry famous athlete.  He was, frankly, flattered that Joe was willing to pay so much for the chance to get with him.

As they walked into the basement, Joe headed straight toward the bathroom to get rid of the toothpaste, and Ben took a look around.  He like Joe's house, and this room had a lot of potential.  His groin stirred a little as he thought he caught a whiff of the catcher's scent in the air.  Ben liked the idea of the younger man working his hard body in the room where they were going to fuck. 

"Sorry about the toothpaste, dude," said Joe with a sheepish grin as he headed to the fridge.  He took out two beers and handed one to Ben.  "I had dozed off and didnt' want to greet you with sleep breath." 

"No worries, mate," said Ben as he took a sip of his beer.  "I could actually stand to freshen up myself.  I just arrived in the States today.  It's been a big day of travel for me."

"Well, we're still waiting for one more.  Why don't you use the bathroom down here, and I'll go upstairs and see if there's a message." 

"That works," and Ben downed his beer in one long chug.  He shot Joe a grin as he crushed the can in his massive hand and threw it in a nearby trash can.  "The shower'll do me good."  He opened the fridge and grabbed two more beers and took them with him into the bathroom and shut the door.

"Holy fuck," though Joe to himself after Ben closed the door. "He's even hotter in person."  Joe's cock was quickly waking up, and his heart was racing.  He couldn't believe this was actually happening.  He took a big drink of his beer and tried to realize how lucky he was.  As he started up the stairs, he heard the doorbell ring.  "Perfect," he thought and jogged upstairs.

Joe could hear the water running downstairs by the time he got to the door.  He opened it up, and his cock grew another two inches at the sight that greeted him.  Wearing a pair of sweats perched on his hard round ass and a wife beater that was stretched tight over his famously perfect abs and broad pecs, his big nipples clearly visible, was one of the hottest it boys in Hollywood, Kellan Lutz.  Joe had started jerking off imagining sex with the young stud as soon as the rumors starting leaking about someone in the cast of his latest vampire movie posting m4m ads on craigslist in vancouver.  Kellan totally had gay face and seemed the type to want to have some slim little Asian worship his muscles.  Joe wanted to see the pretty boy swinging on his big dick.  He loved that he was finally getting the chance.

"Sorry I'm late, dude," said Kellan with a smile.  "I got lost coming from the airport."

"Don't worry, man.  You're not too late.  Ben just got here a few minutes ago.   He's freshening up."

"Ben who?" asked Kellan.

"Ben Cohen."

"You're fucking kidding me, dude.  Ben who?"

"No, really."

"Fuck yeah," cried Kellan, rubbing his hands together and stepping close to Joe to slap him on his chest.  Kellan was grinning ear to ear.  He had already decided this was his last trick with RE.  He had just been cast in a couple of big blockbuster movies, and he didn't need this money---or the risk---any more.  But he couldn't believe his fucking luck.  Usually it was old, gray Wall Street types or fat Internet tycoons who had hired him.  If it wasn't for the money he wouldn't be doing this.  Then again, he realized for the first time, athletes in LA can hang out with celebrities to get some hot ass, but where else would a multimillionaire, even a hot one, go in Minneapolis for some discreet and worthy ass.  But this was like he won the fucking lottery: his perpetual crush object Ben Cohen and a hot midwestern baseball stud.  "Let's do this."  With that, Kellan ran his hand down Joe's hard stomach, grabbed his package, and planted his full lips on Joe.  Joe's cock involuntarily inflated, and Kellan pulled back.  "You sure you're not a pitcher?" he asked coyly and gestured for Joe to lead the way. Joe's cock wasn't deflating after that, and he headed downstairs. 

"Hot room," said Kellan as they walked in.  He immediately went to the mirrored wall, and started fixing his hair.  He posed and flexed, and adjusted his wife beater so his nipples were more prominently on display through the stretched out fabric. 

"Beer?" asked Joe, as he grabbed himself another. 

"Sure," said Kellan, as he stopped admiring himself and headed over to the couch.  He flopped down, one leg crossed under himself and reached up for the beer with a big grin on his face.  "You've never done this before have you?"

"No," admitted Joe.  "I've fucked plenty of guys, but never a threesome.  And I've never solicited anyone famous like this."  Joe looked away sheepishly as Kellan just stared him up and down and started lazily stroking his rock hard chest as Joe was talking.  Joe looked down and saw that Kellan was sporting a nice looking bulge.  Something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye.  He looked over and saw that the door to the bathroom was wide open.  From where he was sitting, Joe could see Ben in the big shower, soaping his massive body.  Ben was built like the Mack Truck you have to be to be a rugby star.  His whole body was thick muscle, with just the thinnest---and sexiest in Joe's mind---layer of cushioning on top.  The whole thing was covered in thick, close cropped fur.

Joe noticed that Kellan had stopped paying attention to Joe, too.  He was also staring, slack jawed at the huge rugby stud as Ben soaped up his meaty asscheeks.

"Fuck," Joe and Kellan said basically in unison.  Joe downed his beer, and headed into the bathroom, Kellan closely falling in line behind, stripping his clothes off as he went. 

"I was wondering when you'd get back," said Ben with a grin when he saw Joe.  "Come join me . . . and hello there stud," he said to Kellan as the young blonde stud was stepping out of his little CK briefs, his seven inch cock already rock hard in front of him.  Kellan, at 6'1" was the shortest of the group, and he immediately walked right up to Ben and started running his hands all over his well-muscled back, stroking himself while he did.

"Damn, boy," said Ben, a little shocked, "you're a horny bugger aren't you?"

"I've been jerking off imagining you for ages," said Kellan huskily as he started wrapping his arms around Ben's body and running his fingers around the contour's of Ben's furry abs.

"Good boy," said Ben, a hint of authority in his voice.  "Get in here, Joe," he said, a glint in his eye as he looked over his shoulder.  Joe was entranced by Kellan's perfect, hairless back and ass and watching all of Kellan's muscles ripple as he pressed up against Ben's back and groped his front. 

"Give me just a second," said Joe.  "I've got to take a piss."  Joe peeled off his tank and dropped his shorts and briefs, his big cock already quite stiff from the show.  The six beers he'd had in the past four hours had filled his bladder, but he couldn't make anything happen because he was too turned on to get anything to work.  He tried to get it to go down, but by now, Ben and Kellan were making out over in the shower.  There was no fucking way his cock was going to soften enough to let him piss. 

Over Kellan's groans, Joe heard Ben's voice again, "Joe!  This is your party, isn't it?  Come join, mate."

"Fuck it," said Joe, and headed over to the shower. Joe's cock had deflated a little and hung heavily down toward Joe's knees as he walked into the shower.  He walked up behind Kellan, four inches shorter than Joe, and pressed his body up against the stud's hot back and ass.  Kellan's ass was warm and well muscled but soft, and Joe's fat cock wedged itself between the two round globes. 

"Sorry dude," Kellen said to Joe with a grin on his face, "I'm not into fisting . . . oh, shit," he pretended to be shocked when he reached down toward his ass and wrapped his fist around Joe's beercan thick and quickly stiffening cock, "I guess that's not your arm."  The deep stare Kellan was giving Joe as he started tightening his grip and slowly stroking Joe's cock had Joe rock hard.  Kellan had Ben's now hard thick eight and a half inch uncut cock in his right hand and Joe's beast in his left.  He was slowly and deliberately stroking them in unison, pulling Ben's tight foreskin back and forth over his flared red cockhead.  "So what do you studs need me to do?" asked Kellan as he pleasured the two bigger, older men.  His own cock, a nicely thick seven inches of rock hard cut dick, was pointed up toward the ceiling, revealing the heavy nuts hanging underneath. 

"Everything, boy," said Ben, putting a hand on Kellan's shoulder.  "Why don't you start by showing our host that you're grateful to be here."  Ben's biceps, pecs, and shoulder visibly flexed in a way that made Joe's cock twitch as Ben started pushing Kellan to his knees in front of the two studs.  Kellan fell to his knees on the floor of the shower, the three heads cascading steamy water all around them.  He kept his grip on the rugby stud's fat uncut meat as he aligned his face with Joe's monster wood.  Ben sidled over to stand hip to hip with Joe, and started running his hand up and down on Joe's fuzzy stomach and chest.  "You're a big fella, aren't you?" asked Ben with a grin.  "I like big fellas like you."  With that, Ben pressed his lips against Joe's and the two studs started making out, almost five hundred pounds of fuzzy muscle, their arms exploring each other's bodies while the hard bodied bottle-blond Kellan took Joe's cockhead into his mouth.

Kellan had to struggle to open wide enough to fit more than the head of Joe's fat monster into his mouth.  His jaw nearly dislocated, he finally got about half of Joe's fat cock lodged against his tonsils and started seriously sucking.  Joe was in heaven.  He was making out with Ben Cohen, with one of his furry nipples in one hand and a beefy asscheek in the other, and was getting a decent blowjob from Kellan Lutz.  Cohen's tongue was forcefully invading his mouth, as Cohen's short beard rubbed against his chin.  Joe was moaning in his throat at the pleasure of it all.  He grabbed Kellan's head, and pulled him off and broke his lips from Ben's.

"Ungh," he grunted, "you've got to take it easy.  I'm going to cum in an instant if you keep that up."  He smiled down at the sight of the ripped blonde stud looking up with a perfect grin, a hard cock, and Joe's monster standing hard right in front of the blonde's face.

"Go ahead, dude," grinned Kellan, "we've got all night."  He grabbed Joe's big cock around the base, barely getting his fist closed around it, and dove down to start tonguing Joe's big, smooth nuts.  The water from the shower was running down Joe's body and dripping off his big nuts, and Kellan loved the taste of the warm water flooding into his mouth as he wrapped his lips around the smooth balls. 

"Yeah, stud, come on," said Ben, hunching down to start tonguing one of Joe's nipples.  Ben slowly jerked his thick cock as he nibbled on Joe's hard nipple.  Kellan kept working the catcher's big nuts with his tongue and stroking Joe's big dick. 

"Oh fuck," said Joe, his breath shortening.  Kellan picked up the speed, and Ben bit down gently but firmly on Joe's nipple.  Heíd never had his nipple bit like that and it was weird, but it was also like there was a direct electrical connection with his cockhead when Ben did it.  Joe saw his already engorged head expand again, and---as if it was possible---his cock got even harder.  He put a hand on Ben's head as he felt his balls tightening.  Kellan could tell he was getting close and picked up the speed.  Ben saw it too, and pushed Kellan out of the way. 

"Shoot your load all over me," said Ben as he took over the position under Joe's big cock and started sucking.  He opened his mouth wide and took Joe's big dick into his mouth and quickly bobbed his head up and down on about two-thirds of Joe's massive cock.  Kellan stepped back, behind Ben, and tweaked one of his pencil eraser nipples while stroking himself to the sight of Ben's gorgeous ass and Joe's massive frame and gorgeous face in ecstasy. 

Ben could hear Joe's breath shorten, and pulled the big cock out of his mouth.  He wrapped his fist around the beercan thick cock, his massive hand easily handling the girth, and started furiously jacking.  Joe's big balls were swaying violently back and forth, and Kellan was clearly enjoying the show, shouting encouragement from behind.  "Come on stud, show us your thick seed.  Spray that load all over that rugby stud."  Joe needed no encouragement and let loose a massive load.  The first spurt exploded all over Ben's face and open mouth, leaving a gooey trail from Ben's forehead to his chin.  Ben didn't miss a stroke and just swallowed what landed in his mouth.  The second and third spurts were the same, and Ben leaned back as he kept stroking.  The fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh shots were smaller, but thicker, and covered Ben's chin and hairy chest, with some dripping down to the dark bush at the base of Ben's fat, rock hard cock. 

"There you go, stud," smiled Ben.  Then he took Joe's cock deep into his mouth and cleaned off any cum he had smeared on it.  Ben loved the tang of Joe's cum and knew he needed to get some more before the night was over.  "Boy, get over here and clean me off," said Ben rising to his feet and turning away from Joe.

Kellan didn't need to be told twice and looked was grinning from ear to ear as he approached the cum covered stud.  Kellan went to kiss Ben as he approached.

"I said clean me, boy, not make out with me like your boyfriend."  Ben's face was stern, but he was clearly having a ball, because his cock was bouncing with each syllable.  Kellan, for his part, was clearly disappointed he couldn't make out with the handsome stud, but he was also happy.  Kellan always lusted after bigger, manlier guys.  His workouts were a cover for his truly submissive personality.  The only people he felt he could dominate were frail, skinny twinks.  He loved getting worshipped by tiny slim guys under 5'6", but any bigger, and he was a total bottom slut.

"That's right," said Ben quietly, as Kellan started licking Ben's neck.  Joe stepped back and caught his breath and watched the scene.  He loved the sight of his thick load on Ben's beautiful body, and he loved even more the sight of Kellan cleaning the creamy smears of cum off Ben's hairy body.  Of course the cum worked its way into Ben's hair, so Kellan had to seriously lick to get it all off.  Ben dropped a hand to his cock, and started slowly stroking it while Kellan worked his way up to Ben's forehead, cleaning Ben's beard and face.  When Ben's face was clear, he opened his lips and gave the younger man a deep kiss, forcing his tongue deep down Kellan's throat, where he could taste Joe's cum still fresh in Kellan's mouth.  Kellan let out an involuntary shudder of pleasure has Ben forced his tongue into his mouth. 

Knowing that Kellan was his, Ben pushed away.  "You're not done." Kellan smiled and started working his way down Ben's hairy chest and stomach.  From his vantage, this was one of the hottest sights he had ever seen, and Joe was loving the sight of Kellan back on his knees, his nose buried in Ben's massive abdominals, his tongue cleaning off every hair. 

"Very good," said Ben gruffly when he was finally clean.  His cock was still fat and mostly hard, but it wasn't as hard as it had once been.  "Are you ready for your reward boy?" he said with a glint in his eye.  "I've heard about you.  I know you're a little bitch, aren't you?"

"Yes," said Kellan sheepishly on his knees, settling back to sit on the floor of the shower, his cock still rock hard.

"I've got a reward I know you like," Ben said, and he stepped toward Kellan, looking toward Joe.  "You'll like this, Joe."  With that, Ben's abs clenched, and his cock loosed a stream of clear beer piss onto the floor of the shower.  Kellan moaned and leaned forward into the stream, letting the huge rugby stud's stream of hot piss run all through his hair.  With the beer Ben had drank before taking his shower, his piss was clear and smelled warm and clean.  Kellan stroked his cock furiously, and cupped a hand under the stream, so it would collect under his nipple.  "You like that piss, don't you boy?" snarled Ben as his thick cock dumped his piss all over the ripped blonde stud.  Joe had to piss like a racehorse, and the sight and smell of Ben's big cock leaking all over Kellan reminded him.  Joe stepped back toward Kellan, and grabbed his big cock.  "Oh fuck," shouted Kellan, his cock turning dark red, "shower me with your piss you studs.  Give it to me.  You big studs are so fucking hot."  Joe felt waves of pleasure course over his body as he finally emptied his body of the six beers he had had earlier in the evening.  His monster dick loosed a thick, high-pressure stream of piss right at Kellan's beautiful face.  Kellan leaned his head back and let is splash all over his face.  Ben directed a stream right at one of Kellan's hard nipples, and Kellan's shudder showed Joe it was the perfect idea.  Kellan rose up to his knees, furiously jerking his cock.  He put his other hand back between his beautiful ass, and Ben and Joe each directed a hot stream of piss at each of Kellan's hard nipples.  As the two studs drained their bladders all over the ripped little slut, Kellan let out a scream of pleasure and started spasming in orgasm.  He oozed a large load of cum out of his dick onto the floor of the bathroom.  Ben was out of piss, and was now stroking his once again fully hard cock.  Joe kept dumping his piss onto Kellan as Kellan ran his hands up and down his hard body and smiled at Joe in post-orgasmic bliss.  After a few seconds of furious stroking, Ben shuddered and dumped his own big load, eight big spurts of rugby stud cum, all over Kellan's body, where it mingled with Joe's jock piss and flowed down the drain. 

The three studs were spent.  Ben directed Kellan to his own shower head, and he and Joe soaped each other up and cleaned up, all while making out passionately.  Kellan thoroughly cleaned himself, taking special care to make sure his ass was clean.  By the time all three were clean, everyone was hard again.  Ben again took the lead, grabbing Joe and Kellan by their hard cocks and leading them out of the shower to dry off.  Ben handed Kellan three towels, and he dried everyone off while Ben took one of Joe's hands and placed it firmly on one of his meaty ass cheeks.  Ben and Joe continued passionately making out, while Joe's hand explored the depths of Ben's damp furry asscrack and Kellan was on his knees drying off Joe's legs.

When all three were dry, then went out into the main room and grabbed beers.  Everyone was hot and thirsty from the long, steamy shower.  Joe sprawled himself no the couch, lying on his back, his legs half on the couch.  Kellan sat down next to him, and started running his hands all over Joe's furry chest and stomach.  He crawled up Joe's body, a sexy grin on his face.  He kissed all over Joe's torso, licked at his nipples, and teasted Joe's big cock with his mouth and nipples.  Joe just took in the show and the attention and kept taking sips at his ice cold beer.  His cock was rock hard, and Kellan grabbed it by the base, licking at the head.  Kellan teasted the fat head and Joe's big piss slit until he heard Joe let out a little moan.  Kellan reared himself up and pressed the tip of Joe's big cock to one of Kellan's big nipples, and rubbed the drop of precum on Joe's cock onto his nipple.  He smiled at Joe, and Joe stuck his tongue out, beckoning Kellan up.  Kellan crawled up Joe's body, planting his hands on either side of Joe's head on the arms of the sofa, his legs spread across Joe's body, his cock and balls rubbing against Joe's furry torso.  Joe stuck out his tongue and tasted the familiar sweetness of his precum on Kellan's nipple.  As he wrapped his lips around it, Kellan started moaning.  Joe wrapped his big arms around Kellan's hot torso and started seriously working the young stud's nipples.  One of Joe's hands traveled down to Kellan's meaty ass and grabbed a cheek, more than a handful of firm muscle.  Joe grunted at how good it felt, and he ran his fingers through the velvety soft crack of Kellan's ass.  The action on his nipple and the feeling of Joe's big, rough fingers in his crack, had Kellan in ecstasy.  He ground his hips against Joe's torso, and as he slid down, Joe's cock caught in between the ripped stud's asscheeks.  Joe pulled his mouth off Kellan's nipple as he felt the head of his cock slide between Kellan's gorgeous ass cheeks. 

"I was wondering when I would get the chance," said Kellan with a hungry look in his eyes. 

"Oh you will," said Joe.  As if to punctuate his meaning, he flexed his cock and rotated his hips up against Kellan's.  Kellan's cock had leaked a stream of precum onto Joe's stomach, and Kellan's balls were rubbing it into the hair as he ground himself against Joe's torso.

"Not yet, you won't," said Ben who had turned his attention back to the group.  Ben had been going through the dresser while Kellan was teasing Joe.  Ben was sipping his beer as he leaned against the dresser wearing a white jockstrap, his arms crossed across his furry chest.  Ben was hard enough that his cock was stretching the pouch to within an inch of its life, but he looked fantastic.  Ben downed his beer and headed over toward the weight equipment on the other side of the room.  "Come with me," he said to Kellan sharply.  Joe smiled and took another sip as Kellan dutifully raised himself off Joe's big frame and followed the gorgeous sight of Ben's meaty, jock framed ass across the room.  "Lie down," Ben ordered Kellan, pointing at a weight bench he had pulled out from under the rack.  Kellan laid down on his back, his cock still hard, and each of his muscles visible as he stretched himself out.  Ben stood above Kellan's head, looking right down at his pretty face.

"Get to work boy," said Ben as he widened his stance and stepped toward Kellan's head.  Ben's legs were now straddling the bench, right over Kellan's head.  From across the room, Joe could see Kellan's cock twitch at the sight above him: two meaty, fuzzy and perfect ass cheeks, framed by a jock, and they were lowering down on his face.  "That's right, boy.  Just like that," groaned Ben in pleasure as he felt Kellan's tongue start flitting across his hole.  Ben reached around and spread his cheeks apart, and started grinding his hips back and forth over Kellan's tongue.  Joe downed his beer and strode over to that corner of the room.

The view was, frankly, breathtaking.  Ben had dragged the bench in front of the mirrored wall, and as Joe walked up, he was greeted by Kellan's blond hair tufting out from under Ben's beefy ass.  Ben's massive arms were stretched around his torso, spreading his cheeks, and his ass, thighs, and back all rippled as he ground his hips back and forth.  Looking over Ben's shoulder, Joe could clearly see the other side, which was just as hot.  Ben's face was contorted in pleasure at the rimming he was getting.  His beefy cock was poking out the side of his jock, his foreskin half retracted, and his abs, chest and legs were flexing and relaxing and working overtime as he squatted over Kellan's chiseled body.  Kellan was jerking himself slowly with a free hand, as his abs were clenched hard, as he tried to raise his head higher to dive into Ben's ass. 

Joe stood for a while, watching the scene unfold, and worked his cock.  His gaze kept falling back to Kellan's beautiful legs, splayed wide at the far end of the bench, and the tight, muscular ass underneath.  Joe dropped to his knees in between Kellan's legs and grabbed Kellan's hard on.  Joe had already tasted some of the precum Kellan had mashed into his stomach hair, and as he took Kellan's cock down his throat he could taste what seemed like a steady stream of the sweet liquid.  Joe's big lips wrapped around the shaft of Kellan's cock, and he easily swallowed the younger man's cock.  With his nose in Kellan's dark bush, he started massaging the underside of the shaft with his broad tongue.  Kellan was clearly loving this treatment, because he wrapped his arms around Ben's thighs, tightened his stomach, and put his legs up on Joe's shoulders, his feet pointing straight out and his toes flexed. 

"Little bitch likes it," said Ben with a grin.  "Suddenly he's even better at eating my hole, too."  Ben was vigorously jerking his own fat cock while he watched. Joe kept deep throating Kellan's cock until he noticed that Kellan's balls were tightening up and Kellan's movements were getting ragged.  Not interested in having Kellan cum yet, he let the cock fall out of his mouth.  Kellan had left his legs draped over Joe's shoulders, and as Joe backed off Kellan's pretty cock, he was greeted with a glimpse of Kellan's ass. Joe loved the sight.  With Kellan's knees cocked over Joe's shoulders, Joe looked down at the V formed by Kellan's muscular and toned thighs, where his nicely sized cock was hard against his abs, a pool of precum near Kellan's belly button.  Kellan's balls were big and fuzzy, nestled in the crook of the V formed by his legs.  Below his nuts was a clear boundary where his toned ass began, and the two cheeks came together in a beautifully smooth crevace that made Joe's cock twitch involuntarily.

Joe pushed Kellan's knees up with his hands and rolled Kellan's hips back.  Kellan's nuts hung down as his hips rolled back, and Joe dropped his face into the crotch and kissed and tongued Kellan's big balls.  He dropped his head further and started tonguing Kellan's taint, which was covered in a soft layer of light fuzz.  Kellan's legs twitched in response, and Joe dove deeper. Joe could feel Kellan's beefy butt cheeks on his chin as he dropped lower.  The firm muscled ass pressed against his chin, and Joe stuck his tongue in between the cheeks.  He quickly found Kellan's puckered hole, and starting rimming it.  Kellan tasted clean and masculine, and the taste drove Joe wild.  He dropped his hands to Kellan's' cheeks and rolled his legs back even more, giving him a view of the puckered hole sitting between two perfectly round globes of muscle.

"Let me give you a hand mate," said Ben, grabbing Kellan's feet and pulling them up. Relieved of the burden of holding up his legs, Joe dove into Kellan's ass with abandon.  His thick tongue lay flat at the base of Kellan's smooth crack, and he ran it all the way up to the young stud's tight hole.  He pressed his tongue against the hole itself, and it gave way right away.  Joe was surprised at how flexible and loose Kellan's hole was.  Joe realized that clearly Kellan was into getting fucked.  This hole was almost as loose at Grady's.  Joe drove his tongue into the folds of Kellan's hole, and it opened up and willingly accepted the stud catcher's big tongue. 

"Oh my god, stud.  Give me that tongue," Kellan cried, gasping for breath.  Joe looked up and saw that Ben had stood up from his seat and was now holding Kellan's feet up at face level.  "Eat my hole.  Fuck me with that big tongue of yours."  Ben's cock was hard as a rock, and kept occasionally dripping precum down onto Kellan's hard stomach.  He was lustily staring at the younger man's hole, and watching Joe work it over. For his part, Joe was getting completely horned and was eager to sink his monster tool into the young stud's hole.

"Stop," said Ben suddenly, letting Kellan's feet drop down to Joe's shoulders. "Get up boy," snapped Ben, pointing at Kellan.  "My turn."  Joe just smiled as Kellan got up and was replaced by the hairy muscle god.  Joe had wanted a taste of Ben's beefy butt since he first saw beefcake photos of the rugby stud a few years ago.  When Ben positioned himself at the end of the bench, his ass hanging off the end and his legs up above, Joe nearly came then.  Ben's furry thighs framed his fat cock, his heavy nuts still encased in the jock.  Down below the jock marked the dividing line between his gorgeous thighs and his even more gorgeous beefy ass.  Joe dove down with abandon into the damp hole. Kellan had already worked it over good, and Joe just dove between the furry cheeks and got to work.  The fur was wet with Kellan's spit, and Joe relished the manly, musky taste and smell of the hot hole that the gorgeous blonde boy had been working over. 

Joe felt Ben's weight shifting, and backed off to see what was up.  Kellan had mounted his ass over Ben's face, and Ben's massive arms were visibly spreading the young stud's cheeks.  Kellan's face was contorting with pleasure as Ben starting giving  Kellan as vigorous a tongue-fucking as Joe had just been doing.  Joe's face was smeared with sweat and Kellan's spit as he watched this scene unfold, stroking his massive dick while he did so.

"Get rid of that jock, so I can suck him," said Kellan to Joe.  Joe manipulated Ben's leaky dick out of the way and got the jock off of Ben's legs.  Kellan now doubled over and took Ben's big uncut meat into his mouth, running his tongue around the foreskin, and trying to clean up all of the precum that had matted itself into Ben's furry stomach.  Joe went back to tongue fucking Ben, but the room quickly filled with the sounds of all three men moaning loudly.  Joe couldn't wait any more. 

Joe stood up from Ben's ass, and walked around to the other end of the bench.  "Fuck yeah, mate," moaned Ben, "give it to him," as Ben saw Joe point his beercan cock right at Kellan's waiting hole.  From above, Joe's cock was so fat in contrast to Kellan's trim waist that it almost looked like a joke that Kellan would get impaled on it.  Joe rubbed the head of his cock up and down the crack of Kellan's ass and watched in the mirror as Kellan sucked on Ben's big meat at the far end.  Kellan paused when he felt Joe finally rest the head of his cock against his hole.  He looked up and gave a sultry smile.  The smile made Joe leak a little drop of precum right onto Kellan's hole.

"Well?  Aren't you going to give it to me?" said Kellan, and he rocked his hips back against Joe's massive tool and went back to sucking Ben's big cock.  Ben was loving the view below.  Joe's massive shaved nuts were hanging right above his head, and he had a front row seat to watch the big head of the cut cock disappear into Kellan's hot hole.  Ben reached his head back, and rolled one of Joe's big hairless nuts into his mouth.  He started working the big sac over while Joe slowly inched his big tool into Kellan's hole.  Kellan slowed down sucking Ben's cock as he adjusted to the fat tool that was sliding into him.  Joe knew his cock was a lot to get used to, so he slowly, but steadily, eased his way in.  When he finally felt Kellan's soft ass pressed against his hips, he pushed the rest of the way in and held it there.  He had watched Kellan's face contort in pain and pleasure as the cock worked its way in, but now he was breathing deeper and relaxing as he got used to the python that was nine inches inside him.  Ben had managed to get both of Joe's big nuts in his mouth when Kellan started carefully rocking back and forth on Joe's big meat.  Ben let the balls come loose, and the loose sac cascaded down on his face as Joe started withdrawing his cock and pressing it back in. 

After about a minute, Joe grabbed Kellan firmly by the hips and started seriously stroking.  Ben lie beneath, between Joe's big meaty legs, and loved the sensation of Joe's heavy nuts sliding across his face with each stroke.  Joe loved the unusual sensation of Ben's face on his bare nuts, and he was enthralled with Kellan's' smooth, warm, tight but not constricting ass.  Kellan was in heaven.  He had forgotten all about sucking Ben's cock and was not staring intently at Joe in the mirror, watching the furry baseball stud's muscles contract as he fucked the hell out of him.

"yeah, dude," moaned Kellan, "give me that tool.  Fuck my little bitch hole. Make me your bitch.  That hole is yours," breathlessly moaned Kellan over and over again as he took the big tool deep inside him.  Kellan's cock was rock hard as he took the hard fuck, and he occasionally dripped precum down onto Ben's neck.  Ben reached one hand around and started stroking his big meat in front of a distracted Kellan, and he tongued Joe's heavy nuts whenever he could get the chance.  This went on for about three minutes when Ben saw Joe's balls start to tighten as his strokes got more irregular. 

"Let me get a feel of that big cock, mate," said Ben in an attempt to stave off Joe's orgasm.  "I want to get you in me before you're done."  Joe didn't want out of Kellan's hole, but he also wasn't ready to cum, so he pulled out with an audible pop, and backed away.  "Get on all fours bitch," Ben ordered Kellan.  "You're going to get another ride."  Kellan got up onto two of the shakiest legs Ben or Joe had ever seen, and got on all fours on the workout bench, his ass in the air and his hole visibly stretched from Joe's monster tool. 

Ben straddled the bench, and spit on his big cock.  He rested one of his big paws on Kellan's ass and worked the spit into his fat eight inch cock.  He spit a few more times to get it nice and slick, and slid in one smooth stroke into Kellan's ass.  "Damn, boy, that's a hot fucking hole you got.  Feels almost like a pussy," said Ben appreciatively.

"Pussy can't do this," said Kellan has he clenched every muscle in his ass as tight as he could.

"Holy fuck, boy," moaned Ben breathlessly, as he wrapped his big hands around Kellan's' tight waist and started to seriously thrust away.  Kellan was moaning and groaning loudly with each thrust, and Ben was letting loose with a stream of talk directed at his new bottom bitch as Joe walked up to Ben's beefy butt and poked his cock head in between the cheeks.  Ben pulled  Kellan's ass hard against Ben's hips, and held it there as Joe ran his fat cock up and down Ben's furry crack.  Joe found the one hairless spot, and pressed his knob against Ben's hole.  Ben relaxed his secretly well-used hole, and backed his hips against the huge cock trying to get in.  It took a few minutes for Ben to relax and get it all in, but before long, Joe's hips were pressed against Ben's ass, and Ben's hairy thighs were tickling Joe's balls.

Ben moved first, pulling out of Kellan and backing up onto Joe's big cock.  Kellan was ready to get fucked again and started rocking back and forth with more urgency.  Ben was breathlessly moaning as Joe also started rocking back and forth, Kellan and Joe using Ben like a sex doll.  Ben was in heaven.  WIth the two studs controlling the pace of their fucks, Ben threw his head back and started tweaking his sensitive nipples.  Joe had his big rough hands wrapped around Ben's beefy waist and was deep dicking Ben as good as he had ever had it.  Kellan had braced himself at the end of the bench, and was using Joe's hard thrusts to impale himself on Ben's fat dick.  Kellan was watching the hot catcher in the mirror, and whenever he saw Joe's arms flex as he pulled himself into Ben's body, Kellan relaxed his ass and plunged backward, driving Ben deeply into him and hard against his prostate.  He then clenched Ben's fat cock with every muscle he had and tightly pulled himself off.  Ben looked delerious, his head lolling back, his fingers aggressively working his nipples. 

Joe was loving the beefy rugby stud's ass, but he wasn't going to last long.  After three or four minutes, he briefly made eye contact with Kellan, and it was too much.  Kellan was staring intently at Joe in the mirror as he arched his back and intently fucked himself on Ben's big dick.  Kellan's gorgeous face was one of pure pleasure, and it drove Joe over the top.  He plunged his big cock deep into Ben, and wrapped his arms around Ben's torso.  He quickly thrust his hips over and over again as he turned Ben's head toward him and locked lips.  Feeling the change in Joe, Ben dropped his hands to Kellan's waist and took charge of the end of the fuck.  He powerfully thrust his hips back and forth, simultaneously fucking Kellan's hole and impaling himself on Joe's engorged cock.  Kellan had been on the edge for a few minutes, and just as he saw Joe spasm with the first spurt of cum, he stood his torso up and started cumming himself.  He watched in the mirror as every single muscle in his built body clenched at once as he leaked a thick pool of cum onto the bench.  Ben felt the first spurt as Joe's tongue invaded his mouth.  Then Kellan's ass got impossibly tight around his cock as the younger man's own orgasm started.  Ben elatedly let loose his own cum, and he dropped spurt after spurt of cum deep inside Kellan's ass.  

* * * * * * *

The three studs cleaned up together, and as Ben and Kellan left, they agreed that Joe overpaid.  For as much as he paid, he should get at least one more session.

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  1. Bloody Hell this was incredibly hot. Glad to find some ball slash.