These stories are about men having sex with other men. If you're not into that, then too bad for you. Because these stories are fake, no one in them has to worry about safety. And stopping the action to describe Tom Brady tearing open a condom packet, pinching the reservoir to avoid bubbles, etc., really fucks with the narrative flow. If you do this stuff in real life ALWAYS wear a condom and be safe.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

QB Sack -- chapter 1

Jared Allen stood in his bathroom in just a towel, looking at his body.  He had spent the day at practice with the Vikings, and came home exhausted.  The big redneck had always been active, and loved horse roping and steer wrestling.  It always kept the 6'6" stud in great shape, but the past few years of NFL training had put him into the best shape of his 28 years.  He flexed his arms, flexed his pecs, and tightened his abs, posing for himself. His slightly hairy chest was massive and hard as a rock.

"Damn," he thought, "I'm a fucking stud," and he started to run his hands lightly over his nipple, which responded by enlarging and getting hard.  That caused a stirring in his crotch, and got Jared thinking about sex.

Jared was always horny, which was a bit of a problem when you spend all day around male athletes in top physical form.  For Jared, it wasn't so much that he was around men all the time-he'd known he was gay since he was a kid-but it was trying to keep it under wraps in a locker room that wasn't going to be friendly to the gay defensive stud. 

Quarterbacks were always the worst on that front.  Jared had played with dozens of QBs during his football life, and those smug assholes were always the biggest pains in the ass.  If it wasn't their demands to be coddled by coaches, teammates, and the rules, it was their chickenshit locker room bullshit.  Even Favre, who Jared liked as a fellow redneck, was a total douchebag in the locker room.  Faggot this, and homo that.  Jared knew part of it had to be the fact that straight guys always do that when they're forced to hang out naked around other guys, but it still always pissed him off.

Jared's towel was starting to tent by now, as he was still rubbing his nipple and enjoying feeling his muscle.  And he got a great idea.

"Fuck those pansy assholes," he said out loud to the mirror.  Jared knew he was a huge guy, and he was a sack king.  He was respected in the locker room because he was a great player, and because he was a strong motherfucker.  He'd get back at every quarterback who had ever pissed him off with a comment by showing his current opponents who was boss.  He decided that every quarterback he sacked this year was going to get some extra treatment from the big defensive stud.  Every quarterback he sacked was also going to get fucked by Jared's thick hog. 

As Jared thought about the Vikings' upcoming games: Pats, Jets, Giants, Saints, Packers, Bears, Jets, Cowboys, Lions, Bills, 49ers, Falcons..., Jared started playing with his nipples in earnest.  He unwrapped the towel from his trim waist, and his thick eight and a half inch cock sprung up.  Jared was looking forward to making this plan happen, and he thought about next Sunday's game against the Patriots as he grabbed his leaking cock by its base, barely fitting his hand around hit, and slowly started to stroke its full length. 

"I don't know exactly how I'll arrange it, but Brady's going to get a rude awakening this week," Jared thought to himself as he squeezed out another drop of precum from his raging purple cockhead.  Jared thought about Brady's nice ass and rumored big cock, and brought his gooey finger to his lips, tasting the sweetness of his precum.  He shot thick ropes of cum all over the mirror as he imagined plowing into the Patriot QB's tight hole. 

"Sunday can't come soon enough."

* * * * * * *

Jared took pains for the rest of the week to make sure he was absolutely ready for Sunday's game.  He thought about his plan all week, and realized that it was a risk.  He didn't know how he was going to get access to the QBs, and he didn't know how he would manage to get his cock in their asses.  Sure he could probably overpower any of them, but he wasn't really looking to rape anyone.  He wanted to put those fuckers in their place, show them who's boss, show them that they'll love submitting to a big, hung stud.  He was confident that if he could get them alone he could figure out how to make it work.  But because of the risk, he figured he would stick to the rules: if he didn't get a sack, then he wouldn't go after the QB.

Before the Pats game, Jared quietly sent word around to the other gay NFLers that he was trying to figure out how to get into the Pats locker room after the game.  He got word that Brady usually liked to hang out in the locker room after games.  He liked to review film of the game while it was still fresh in his mind.  Jared saw his opening.  If he sacked Brady, he would hang out outside Pats' locker room and sneak in after everyone else had left. 

As the game kicked off, the Vikings were fired up and expected to have a good chance to beat the favored Patriots.  At this point, Allen was so keyed onto Brady that he didn't give a rats ass about the win or loss.  He just wanted to get a sack.  He'd spent the week watching a lot of film to prepare, and he had watched hours of Brady dropping back.  He realized pretty quickly that he preferred the quarters when the Pats were moving from right to left: Brady dropped back with his ass pointed at the camera.  Jared felt a stirring in his shorts whenever he got a sight of it.  But with the film study, Allen thought he had a good idea how to get to the pocket passing Brady.

Throughout the first half, the Vikings defense did a good job holding the Pats' offense, but Jared never got a clear shot at Brady. But on the Pats' first possession of the second half, the Vikings defense put the Pats in third-and-long, and Jared knew Brady would be dropping back to pass.  The Pats set up a five receiver set, leaving no one back to block, so Allen only had to beat his man on the O-line. 

"I'm coming for your boy," Jared said to the right tackle.

"Yeah right, bitch.  Like you've done all day," the RT threw right back at Jared.

The bitch comment got Jared steamed.  As soon as the ball was snapped, he faked an outside rush, and cut in.  The RT couldn't pivot fast enough, and Jared's big arms got under him.  Unwilling to get flagged for holding, the RT had to let him past, and Jared had a shot at Brady.  He dove at Brady just as Brady was starting his throwing motion.  He wrapped his big arms around the cover boy QB and dragged his 6'4" frame down to the ground. 

"How do you like that, golden boy?" Jared asked as he lay on top of Brady, his big unit pressed against Brady's leg.

"What, faggot?" snarled Brady.  "Your late hit?  Get the fuck off me before you get another flag." 

Jared got up and realized that Brady had gotten his pass off, and Jared had been flagged for roughing the passer. 

"Fucking coddled QBs," though Jared to himself.  "I couldn't do anything to stop myself.  This is such bullshit." 

For the next few series, Jared was still steamed over the penalty, and he wasn't getting anywhere near Brady. Whenever he did, Brady would taunt him, "not even close fag."  Jared was beyond pissed.

Early in the fourth quarter, the Pats were driving, and Jared, the RT, and Brady had been exchanging a lot of words.  Unfortunately, the rest of the Vikings defense was struggling too, and the Pats had a first down inside the red zone.  On first down, Brady handed off, and Jared made the tackle in the backfield.  He felt like he was getting in the zone, and thought this would be his chance.  On second down, the Pats ran a playaction.  Jared read the handoff and was in the backfield.  He stretched out his entire frame as Brady passed, and the pass dinked off Jared's big right arm and fell to the ground incomplete. 

"I'm coming for you," shouted Jared, as Brady scanned the field under center before third down.  The Vikings called a safety blitz, and as soon as the ball was snapped, the RT shifted to pick up the blitz from the D-back, but the guard missed his assignment.  Jared had a clean shot.

Brady had no time to react, as Jared pulled him to the ground and rolled on top of him. Jared pressed his big package into Tom's ass as he lay on top of him.

"Fuck-an-A yeah!" shouted Jared, as he grinned from ear to ear at the satisfaction of what he had done.

"Get off me, bitch," shouted Brady.  "What the fuck are you so happy about?  Did your boyfriend call?"  Jared just smiled to himself and gave one last thrust of his package into Brady's ass.

* * * * * * *

The Pats pulled out a victory, but Jared didn't care.  It was actually a close game, and he was the only one smiling in the locker room.  He kept grinning while he took a shower, but he had a hard time washing his cock and balls, because he was so fucking horned at the thought of bedding Brady.  Though he and his teammates had probably all been hard or semi hard in front of each other before, Jared didn't want to draw any attention to himself today.

Jared talked to the press, talked to his teammates, talked to his coaches, and finally got dressed.  He pulled on a jock, some mesh shorts, and a gray t-shirt, and headed over toward the Patriots locker room.  The crowd had clearly thinned out after the game, and as best as Jared could tell there were only a few people left.

Jared hung out in the hall and watched the people go by, keeping a mental tally of how many he thought were left.  He saw coach Belichick leave with a few straggling players and figured the locker room was probably empty.  Except for Brady.

Jared walked into the expansive and empty home locker room at Gillette Stadium.  The place smelled of sweat and dirt and cologne and soap, but the lights were dimmed, and clearly most everyone had already fled.  Probably the maintenance crew would be in soon to clean everything up. 

If what he had heard was true, then Jared expected to find Brady in the film room, but he had no idea where he was going.  His cock stirred a little in his shorts as he walked up and down the halls looking for the right room.  None of the damned doors were labeled, so he found the showers, the therapy room, the coaches' offices, and a few storage closets with no luck.  At the last door down a hallway, Jared paused because he heard noise on the other side.

"See, you didn't cut right on that route," Jared heard a man's voice say firmly.  "How many times have I told you that you have to run the routes properly? You know how pissed I get when you're not where you're supposed to be.  And here!  You did it again.  Why are you such a stupid little bitch?  I know you're sorry, but you need to stop apologizing and do it right."  Jared listened at the door for a while, and wondered who the hell was in there.  He thought maybe it was Brady, so he opened the door a crack and looked inside.

Jared saw game film projected onto the far wall of the room, and saw a standing figure silhouetted by the image.  Jared couldn't figure out what exactly was going on.  The figure appeared to be in uniform, and he kept talking.

"This is why you have to be punished," the silhouetted figure continued.  "You don't run routes right.  You don't pay attention."  As Jared stepped into the room silently and closed the door behind him, he could make out a number 12 on the back of the silhouetted figure. 

"You're such a little bitch," said the standing figure Jared now figured was Brady.  "The only thing you're good at is sucking my big cock, you little fag.  Gisele sucks at it, but you know just how to suck my nuts dry."  With that, Jared's cock sprang to life.  Brady likes getting his cock sucked by a guy!  But who was it?  Jared couldn't see a face, but he now could make out that there was a smaller figure on his knees in front of Brady, and that figure was clearly sucking on Brady's cock.

"I'm sorry, Tom," said the figure on his knees.  "I'll try to do better next week.  I already work really hard at it, and I've gotten much better."

"You have," said Tom, "but you still have a lot of work to do.  Based on today's performance, I think you'll need to give me your ass again, Wes." 

"Holy shit!" thought Jared.  "It's Welker."  Now that he knew what he was looking for, the 83 was clear as a bell on the smaller figure's jersey.  Jared's jock was suddenly too small, as he realized what this mean.  Wes Welker has submitted to Tom Brady, and Brady uses him as a personal cocksucker and fuck toy.  Jared's job suddenly got much easier. As he thought about how exactly to break the ice and announce his presence, Jared leaned against the closed door and watched for a while.

Brady was still in his uniform.  His hair was tousled and sweaty from the game, and his broad shoulders looked great in his jersey.  His tight pants were unbuttoned in front, but cupped his muscular ass perfectly for Jared.  Jared's big hog was straining in his jock, so Jared pulled it out to the side, and gently stroked it through his mesh shorts. 

Brady kept lecturing Wes about his poor route running and run blocking, while Wes's mouth was full of Brady's cock.  Jared couldn't get a good view, but from how far Wes's head was bobbing, it looked like the rumor's of Tom's big cock were probably true--if a bit exaggerated.  Jared could see that Wes was hard in his uniform pants, but they were closed--probably something Tom demanded.

"Alright, you've done enough," said Tom suddenly.  "Let me taste your ass before I fuck you."  Brady's cock popped out of Wes's mouth, and Wes stood up to undo his pants.  When he did, he caught sight of Jared at the back of the room. 

"Sir," was all Wes said as he pointed at Jared.  Brady wheeled around with a look of terror and fury.

"What the fu... is that you faggot?" Brady snarled when he saw who it was.  "I didn't think you were actually a fag, but it looks like you're turned on by our little scene.  Makes sense.  All the fags want to do me.  If you ask nicely, I'll let my bitch suck your cock.  Then you can have your dream come true and suck my big dick."  As he said the last bit, Brady turned around.  He had a pretty big cock, probably seven and a half inches, but it wasn't what it was sold as.  The thing that was amazing about Brady's package were his balls.  Brady had two enormous, low hanging nuts that must be full of cum.  Jared's mouth watered at the sight of those nuts, but he remembered what he was here for.

"I'd love to get my cock sucked," he said

"You heard him, bitch, get to work." Welker's pants were off, and Jared's cock twitched at the sight of Wes's pretty ass.  It was a hot round bubble of muscle with a tempting hint of fur inside the crack.  Jared wasn't surprised that Brady had somehow picked up a taste for eating ass when that was the ass on the menu. 

As Jared got close to the two, it was clear that they had showered after the game, because they both smelled clean.  So that meant the uniforms was another part of their role play.  "Weird," thought Jared. "Really, weird.  No one else knows about these two." 

Wes was now on all fours, his ass in the air.  Brady dove in between Wes's cheeks with a grin on his face, and from the eye-fluttering look of joy that swept across Wes's face, Jared figured Brady must be doing a hell of a job. 

After he regained his composure, Wes motioned Jared in front of him. "Let's see what you've got stud," said Wes with a mischievous grin.  "You've always looked like a fucking stud, so it's good you wandered in here."  Jared smiled, because the diminutive receiver had always been high on his jerk off list.  Jared loved fucking shorter guys.  They always looked so hot sitting on Jared's strong torso and wriggling on his fat cock.  Jared knew he'd have to keep his focus on the job at hand, but that he would get his chance to properly fuck Welker later.

Jared fell to his knees in front of Wes, and grabbed him roughly by the back of his head, and pressed Welker's face into his crotch.  Wes's mouth was wide open, and Jared could feel his tongue sliding over his cloth covered cock.  Jared shoved Wes's nose deep into his package, and Jared could hear Wes inhale deeply and let out a little moan.  Brady came up for air and said, "my bitch likes you.  His ass just tightened harder than I've ever felt it before."  Jared smiled, and let go of Wes's head.  He pulled down his mesh shorts, to reveal his jock.

Jared's jock was clearly too small for his raging hard on.  Wes dove right at the pouch and rubbed his nose against the heavy balls held tight in it.  Meanwhile, he reached a free hand up and grabbed the six fat inches of Jared's cock that were poking out the side of the pouch.

"Damn, stud," said Wes breathlessly, "that a fucking gorgeous cock." 

"Get sucking, bitch," called Brady from his position behind Wes.  Jared just took it in.  Wes wrapped his hand around Jared's cock, it was too small to wrap all the way around, and started jerking the free part.  A bead of precum formed at the tip, and Wes flicked his tongue out to taste it.  With his first taste, Wes dove down on Jared's big dick, and started giving Jared one of the best blow jobs he's ever had.

Brady was now on his knees behind Wes, with two fingers slowly going in and out of Wes's ass.  "He's good, isn't he?" Brady asked Jared.

"Not as good as I am," said Jared, trying to get the two of them alone.

"Oh yeah? Big fucker like you is good at sucking dick?  Figures.  All you fags do is suck cock. I know you've been dreaming for years of tasting this dick, so how 'bout you come take care of me?"

"I'd be happy to," said Jared, as he pulled his cock out of Wes's incredibly talented mouth. 

"That's it bitch," shouted Brady. "We're done.  Go clean up, and don't you dare cum.  You know the rules.  I'll deal with you tomorrow." 

"Yes sir," said Wes, as he gathered himself.  He gave Jared a smoldering smile on his way out.  Jared's cock was throbbing at the thought of getting a piece of Welker's ass, but he knew it would have to wait.

"Come get to work, fag," ordered Brady who had stood back up now that he was done with Welker's ass.  Jared took off his shirt, and started to take off his jock.

"Leave the jock on.  Let me see your ass framed while you try to suck me as well as Welker.  If you're lucky, I might even consider fucking you."

Jared chuckled quietly in his head at that one.  "You'll see who's lucky, asshole," he thought to himself as he walked toward Brady, who was stroking his cock, still in his jersey and uniform pants.  Jared was two inches taller than Brady, and probably fifty pounds heavier  Jared was toying with the idea of just tackling the smug motherfucker, and forcing his cock in his all-pro ass.  But that seemed crude.

"Show me what that goateed mouth of yours can do, bitch.  Suck it."  Jared dropped to his knees, and took Brady's cock in his mouth.  The funny part was, as big an asshole as Brady was, Jared had always had a crush on him.  Now he was getting to suck the superstar cock.  He swallowed Brady's seven and a half inches whole on the first plunge, and Brady loudly moaned as he felt the head of his cock slide cleanly down Jared's warm, wet throat.

"Damn," moaned Brady, "you are good at this."  Jared reached up and grabbed Brady's big nuts, and gently pulled on them as he started bobbing up and down on Brady's cock.  Jared's own cock was standing straight up and fully hard, a little line of precum dribbling down the length of his big shaft.  Jared reached his other hand around Brady's hips, and groped an ass cheek. It was firm, and round, and perfect.  Jared's cock twitched involuntarily at the thought of getting in there.

"No, no, no," said Brady as he slapped Jared's hand away. "No ass bullshit.  Gisele once tried to stick a finger up there while she was giving me one of her toothy bjs.  It was awful." Jared pulled off Brady's cock, and gently stroked his cock with one hand and big nuts with the other.

"Really?  No ass?" asked Jared with a sly grin.

"Yeah, no ass." said Brady.

"Well at least pull down your pants, so I can see your hot ass," asked Jared.  Brady did, and Jared now saw the ass, which was as beautiful out of the pants as it was in them.  Jared also could finally reach between Brady's legs.

"Suck my nuts, queer," barked Brady, and Jared saw his opening.  Jared sat on his ass, facing away from Brady, and leaned back to get his mouth full of Brady's big nuts.  Brady stroked his own cock and moaned loudly while Jared took one nut at a time into his mouth.  Each ball was a mouthful, and Jared used the hand that wasn't holding him up to stroke his big cock. 

"Yeah, bitch, you like sucking those nuts, don't you?  I see your big cock is leaking you're so turned on by my bull nuts."  Brady stroked himself faster, clearly turned on by the fact that another fag was loving serving him.  "That goatee feels great around my balls, rub your whiskers all over my sack."  Jared dove into Brady's crotch, and used both hands to balance himself on Brady's legs, as he licked, sucked, and rubbed his face all over Brady's sack. 

The pressure of Jared's hands on the inside of Brady's thighs made him lose his balance, and he stumbled forward onto Jared's body.  Here was Jared's chance.

As Brady fell forward, Jared wrapped his arms around Brady's torso, and pulled him tight to the ground. Using a movement he learned wrestling steer, Jared ended up sitting on Brady's chest, facing Brady's crotch.

"Let me up, fag." shouted Brady.  "You're serving me."

"Shut up, bitch," snarled Jared, as he shoved his jock-framed ass into Brady's face.  Brady struggled for a bit, but within moments, Jared felt Brady's tongue flicking against Jared's hole. 

"Damn," thought Jared, "I see why Wes's eyes were fluttering."  Jared was in ecstasy as Brady's thick, wet tongue assaulted his hole.  Jared leaned more of his weight back on Brady's face, and started jerking his aching cock.  Jared was moaning and started playing with one of his nipples, while he stroked his thick almost-nine-inch cock as Brady gave him the best rim job of his life. 

For his part, Brady was also clearly enjoying himself.  After initially wilting when he was pinned down, Brady's smaller cock was hard as a rock---probably just as hard as when it was down Welker's throat. 

"Damn, Tom," Jared moaned, "that feels incredible."  Brady started trying to talk, but Jared couldn't make sense of the words when Brady's face was smothered by his muscular asscheeks.

"It'll feel even better when I'm fucking you," said Brady.

"I don't think so asshole," said Jared, as he changed positions and lay with his body on top of Brady's, their faces inches apart.  "I'm going to fuck you.  You're a cocky asshole just like the rest of the quarterbacks I've ever played with.  So now you're going to be the 'faggot' who's taking it up the ass." 

Brady tried to protest, but Jared put a finger on his lips to quiet him. "...and the best part is the secret."

"What fucking secret?" spat Brady.

"You're going to love having my fat cock in your ass," said Jared with a smile.  With that, he pressed his goateed lips against Brady's, and forced his tongue in for a deep french kiss.  Jared could smell his ass on Brady's face, and it just made him want him more. 

As Jared rolled Brady onto his stomach and grabbed his arms, Brady tried to struggle free and cried out "What the fuck is wrong with you?  You can't just force your way into my ass?  You're a fucking psychopath fag if you think you're going to bust my cherry."

"Shut the fuck up," said Jared, as he pulled Brady up on to his knees.  Brady kept verbally assaulting Jared, but he couldn't move.  He was on his knees, with his arms stretched back behind him and raised above his hips.  Jared had both his wrists in one hand, and any time Brady moved, Jared pushed up, putting painful pressure on Brady's shoulders.  Brady had the choice to submit or risk dislocating or breaking his shoulder.

"You're not going to get away with this you sick fu...," Brady was cut short when he took a sharp intake of breath.  Jared smiled to himself inside his head, because he knew exactly what was going through Brady's mind.  Brady was in heaven, because while he was running his mouth, Jared had dove in between Brady's beautiful asscheeks and he was going to town rimming Brady's hole. 

"Holy shit!" cried a clearly ecstatic Brady.  "I didn't know it could feel like this.  No wonder you and Welker both love it.  Gisele fucking sucks."  Brady kept moaning to himself.  Jared was having fun, but it was mostly practical: he didn't have any lube.

Jared plunged his big tongue deep into Brady's virgin hole.  It tasted salty and musky and clean, and Jared was hugely turned on.  Jared always loved rimming, but he had never really been with a football player before, usually just twinks and smaller guys he could discreetly pick up.  It was a totally new sensation to dive into the big muscular butt of a world class athlete.  Jared was fucking horned to cum.

When Jared pulled his face away from Brady's hole, Brady immediately tensed up. 

"Alright, that was fun, but you're not going to fuck me asshole.  You can rim me all night long, and you can go back to sucking my cock, but I'm not into that faggot shit.  You can't force yourself on me you lunatic."

"Yes I can," said Jared as he wedged his cockhead in between Brady's cheeks.  "That hot hole of yours is all wet and ready for my big cock, and I, for one, don't let a hot ass go to waste."

"Fuck you, asshole.  Look, I don't know what you think I did.  I guess I'm 'cocky' or 'spoiled' or something, but I'm sorry.  Lesson learned.  I'll be nicer to Wes.  I'll stop calling people fag.  Whatever!   Just don't fuck me!"

"Apology accepted," said Jared, as he leaned forward and pushed the head of his hog into Brady's clenched hole.  Brady choked a scream, and then started telling Jared to pull it out.  "Hold on," breathed Jared quietly as he eased his meat into Brady's hole, "just be patient."  Jared was talking to himself too.  Now that he was here, with his big cock planted up Tom-fucking-Brady's ass, Jared was NOT going to last long.

"What do you mean...ah....hold...fuck.....on?" asked Brady through gasps of paid.  His whole body tensed as Jared eased inch after inch into Brady's hole.  "Oh fuck, that hurts, fuck."  Said Brady, his arms still immobile behind him.  "Let me move.  Let me move.  Fuck. Ow," said Brady.

"Not yet," said Jared quietly, "trust me." Jared kept slowly pushing in until after what seemed like an eternity, he felt Brady's sexy ass cheeks press against his thighs.  "There," sighed Jared, his head spinning at the realization that he was now balls deep in star quarterback ass. "Just relax and get used to it."

Brady's ass involuntarily clenched over and over again, and with each clench, Brady's moans were quieter.  His sharp breaths slowed down, and his cries dropped in pitch until they were moans. When he thought Brady was calmed down, Jared tentatively pushed forward against Brady's ass.

"Fuck!  Don't move!  I feel broken in half by that fucking monster of yours.  Just don't move," cried Brady.  Jared stopped moving, and realized that Brady was starting to come around to this idea.  "You really do have a huge fucking cock, don't you, dude?" said a breathless Brady.  Jared's cock twitched involuntarily at the realization that Brady had now called him 'dude.'

"Isn't it nice?  Most guys have loved having it up their asses.  Looks like you're starting to come around, too."

"Fuck, this is amazing.  Unlike anything I've ever felt," said Brady, and Jared noticed that his cock had come back to life and was partially hard again.  Brady tentatively tried to rock back on Jared's massive legs, and took a quick, sharp breath when he did so.  Then he did it again, but there was no breath.  Then he pushed back harder.  Jared felt his cock slide a little deeper, and Brady let out a real, full-throated moan.

"Goddamn, your big horsecock feels so fucking good inside me," moaned a newly-minted bottom Tom Brady.  "Fuck me, stud."  That was all Jared needed to hear.  He let go of Brady's arms, and Brady pulled them around and put them under himself.  Now on all fours, Jared grabbed Brady's waist in his big hands, and started pushing and pulling Brady back and forth on his cock.  Brady's ass was incredibly tight and warm, and Jared knew it wouldn't take long. 

"You're about to get your first load of stud cum, Tom," said Jared breathlessly.

"Fuck yeah, stud.  Fill me with your seed."  Brady's head was handing limply as he helped Jared by pushing his ass back against Jared's dick repeatedly.  Brady was fucking himself on Jared's dick, and stroking his own cock while he did it.  Jared felt his balls start to tighten, and heard Brady moan as Jared's cock filled with blood and god bigger in advance of the orgasm to cum.

"Oh fuck, Tom.  Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Take my big fucking load!" Jared started cumming as he fell forward onto Brady's sweaty body, pushing him to the ground.  Jared lay there, his cock planted nine inches up Brady's asshole and pulsing as it dumped seven big shots of cum deep inside of Brady.

"Feed me your load," said Jared to Tom when they both recovered.  Tom laid on his back and started stroking his cock.  Jared took Brady's big nuts in his mouth and tongued them while he played with his own softening monster.  Brady jerked himself furiously, and Jared loved feeling those heavy nuts bouncing against his tongue.  With a loud scream, Brady's cock erupted, and Jared dove on top.  Brady must have dumped ten thick shots of his cum down Jared's throat, and Jared loved the taste.  He pulled Brady's cock out of his mouth, and collapsed on the floor with his head next to Brady's.

"You've got some of my cum in your goatee," said Tom.  Jared leaned forward toward Brady's face, and Brady stuck out his tongue and licked it up. "We'll have to do that again," said Tom.

"Only if I get a sack," thought Jared to himself.

* * * * * * *

On his way back to his hotel, Jared was hard again thinking about what had happened.  He needed to get Wes Welker's phone number.  And he felt like such a fucking stud knowing that he had bent Tom Brady over and turned him into a total bottom slut.  Jared couldn't wait for next week's game.

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